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Woods, Jill

Jill Woods

Jill Woods

Jill Woods’ stage plays have been performed over three decades by several UK groups, and as far afield as Australia, including festival winners.  She has had various productions at Essex theatres, and has also written comedy sketches and audio pantomimes.  

An early attempt at a television play resulted in an interview with London Weekend Television, though mainly to inform her that in their opinion it was really a stage play, thus cementing her natural stage-writing inclinations.

Comedy with plenty of pathos is her favourite form.  She would cite two Alans, Bennett and Ayckbourn, as her main inspirations, although Neil Simon is also worthy of worship, with ‘The Odd Couple’ being, in her opinion, the funniest film ever made!

Jill loves seeing her work brought to production, even though treading the boards herself is not her choice, but she has always had immense admiration for those who do.

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