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College and University

Although many of our titles are potentially suitable, we feel that the following may have more of an appeal to the producers of university or college productions ...



  • Connection Failed (young professionals live their lives in the full glare of their Facebook friends; acerbic comedy)
  • Lucky Dip (two quiz show contestants find that love amongst the questions turns into questioning about their love)
  • Rock 'n Soul (a drugged up rock star dies, is mistakenly accepted into Heaven, and causes chaos with the angels)
  • Stitched Up (a Frankenstein genre comedy. Dr F picks holes in the plot and he bemoans the many bad films)
  • The Diaries Of Adam And Eve (man meets woman, they disagree, they resolve their differences, they fall in love)
  • Wild Allegations (a cool seductress and a vengeful nobody conspire with you to destroy a rising star)


  • A Higher Education (a teacher visits a brothel where he meets a former student who causes his life to unravel)
  • Axis (explores in an absurd, but plausible way, the role the media plays in terrorist activity)
  • Choking The Butterfly (the aftermath of separating late-teenage conjoined twins who have lived a sheltered life)
  • Reverie (Explores the fascinating practice of lucid dreaming. Witty and powerful in equal measure)
  • Ship Of Fools (a floating asylum sails with a cargo of 19th Century society's unwanted people; sharply dramatic)
  • The Audition (psychological drama exploring the relationship between Director and actress at a lengthy audition)
  • Two Sisters (goad each other into recollecting things they'd rather forget from the grey mists of time)


  • Beach Blanket Tempest ('The Tempest' updated and set to a great 80's-style score)
  • Country Love (the breakdown and break-up of a marriage, Country and Western style)
  • Hooked (one man's descent through drugs and sex; from corporate man to desperation and ... death?)
  • Lillia (emotionally explores the psychological problem of people with multiple personality disorder)
  • Nosferatu (a sung-through rock opera inspired by the classic black and white silent movie of the same name)
  • Rock Apocalypse (50's spoof, mad scientists, some great rock numbers)
  • The White Rose (true story of Sophie Scholl and Munich University students rebelling against Nazism in 1942)


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