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Moger, Doreen

Doreen Moger

Doreen Moger

Doreen says: "I have lived in Southampton (UK) all my life, and have two children, four grandchildren, all adults and one great grandchild.

When I was ten years old, my singing teacher at school, said I had a nice singing voice, and would I like to join her Amateur Theatre group, which was near my home. I jumped at the chance and loved it! I learned tap and ballet, and acrobatic dance. When I was twelve I was given the juvenile lead in 'Red Riding Hood'. It was the first time I had done any acting on stage, and she had songs as well! I was in heaven! From then on I had parts in every panto, and songs and dances in the Summer Shows.

I stayed with that company for fifty-five Years, while the company progressed to semi-professional standards and theatres. Performing, working back stage, making props, painting scenery, then directing, and eventually writing Pantomimes. What a joy!"

Doreen's traditional panto scripts have proved very popular over the years, and she enjoys hearing about productions that take place.

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