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Privacy Policy (Superceded)

Your Information

We take the privacy of our users and customers very seriously. Any personal information collected, from whatever source, is never divulged to anyone outside of Stagescripts Ltd.

Data Collection

By entering your e-mail address you agree that Stagescripts Ltd may store any information you provide in a software database, and that we can use your e-mail address to send you information, in the form of an e-mailed newsletter or similar, regarding new titles or other services that we may wish to inform you about, at a frequency of (under most normal circumstances) no more than once per month.

Each newsletter we send you will offer you the opportunity to unsubscribe your e-mail address from our mailing list. Once unsubscribed, your e-mail address will receive no further information from us. Having unsubscribed, you may of course, re-join our mailing list at any time.

Any e-mail addresses you submit to any other part of this website (or the website of our subsidiary 'Plays And Musicals') will be collected and stored. The e-mail address you use on any correspondence you may enter into with Stagescripts Ltd or 'Plays And Musicals' will also be collected and stored. By submitting your details in this way you agree that Stagescripts Ltd may store those details in a software database and may despatch newsletter e-mails to you at a frequency of (under most normal circumstances) no more than once per month.

The newsletter e-mails are configured to track whether you open the e-mail or not, and also which links you click on the e-mail. Cookies are not used for these functions which we use to help us understand the way you interact with our newsletters.


We comply with the 'soft opt-in' option of the UK's Information Commissioner's Office guidance to us with regard to this collection and use of e-mail addresses. This guidance says...

"Electronic mail marketing

The most important thing to remember is that you can only carry out unsolicited electronic marketing if the person you're targeting has given you their permission. However, there is an exception to this rule. Known as the 'soft opt-in' it applies if the following conditions are met;

  • where you've obtained a person's details in the course of a sale or negotiations for a sale of a product or service;
  • where the messages are only marketing similar products or services; and
  • where the person is given a simple opportunity to refuse marketing when their details are collected, and if they don't opt out at this point, are given a simple way to do so in future messages.

When you send an electronic marketing message, you must tell the recipient who you are and provide a valid contact address."

We comply fully with each of the first two bullet points and we partially comply with the third bullet because although we automatically subscribe you to start with, we then comply fully with the 'future messages' part of that bullet point, in that if you don't want any more messages from us you can unsubscribe on receipt of the first one you receive. We comply fully with the final sentence.


A cookie is a small text file stored on your computer's hard drive or mobile device by a website that contains information related to your visit. We use cookies on this website to store the contents of your shopping basket and also to remember you when you re-visit our website. No personal information is stored in the cookie (such as payment card details or your name and address) and any information stored is encrypted.

Where available, we also collect general information that you have made available to the public internet domain about your age, interests and gender, but this information is never associated with any specific personal information that you may enter into our website. This demographic information is collected by Google and is made available to us by that company as aggregated data reports.

You can change your browser settings to prevent the storage of cookies on your computer without your explicit consent (to do this, go to the help menu of your particular browser), but to use our website you will need to make sure that you have cookies enabled. We store these cookies:


We also use cookies named _utma, _utmb and _utmz which enable the use of Google Analytics on our website. This software enables us to monitor the number of visitors to our website and how they found us, browser usage and other related statistics. None of these cookies store confidential information and the information collected assists us in improving your website experience and allows us make our marketing more relevant.

Third Party Services

We use a number of third parties to handle various aspects of our operations involving personal data ...

  • BigCommerce Pty Ltd - is the company that provides this website and stores all the details of customers, products and orders (but not credit card information).
  • Mailchimp - is the company we use to store our mailing list details. Their privacy policy is fully compliant with US and UK legislation.
  • WorldPay and Paypal - are the two companies we use to handle our credit and debit card transactions. Their privacy policy is fully compliant with US and UK legislation.

Neither WorldPay nor Paypal supplies us with any details of your credit or debit card.
This information is held solely and securely by them. We are only able to see the status of payments
made and we can make full or partial refunds, but we are unable to make further charges
to your card or Paypal account, for those orders placed directly on our website(s).