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Feelgood Academy

by Steve Jones, Penny Lane & Glenn Keiles

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Musical Theatre: 'Feelgood Academy' by Steve Jones, Penny Lane & Glenn Keiles


'Feelgood Academy'


‘Feelgood Academy’ is the perfect musical for the whole family. Written by seasoned industry professionals, Steve Jones, Penny Lane and Glenn Keiles, the gripping story explores the price of our life’s dreams and why you should never give up on them.  It’s a new piece of British musical theatre that is driven by some incredible contemporary songs ranging from upbeat song and dance numbers to heartfelt ballads.

At the Feelgood Academy of Performing Arts, competition is tough, even for the two most gifted singers in the school. Amanda is the daughter of the school’s owner and headmistress. But while Amanda works more than anyone, she’s still seen as the privileged daughter who can do no wrong. Her best friend, Lucy is less conscientious, having relied on her natural vocal talents to get her where she is. Now struggling, Lucy rebels more and more as her lack of work affect her singing voice. The musical follows the two friends as they deal in their own ways with the high demands placed on them and their singing.

As their final term starts, Amanda, Lucy and their friends are chosen to compete for a place in a popular TV reality show that aims to find the next star of the huge gothic West End musical, ‘Motharotti’. Everyone feels the pressure, but Lucy’s lack of preparation leaves Amanda on her own to represent the school and save it from financial ruin.

Bella Derrydown-Webb, the famously arrogant West End producer of ‘Motharotti’, arrives to meet the school’s selected student and see them perform the key song from her show. But under the immense pressure to save the school, Amanda’s lack of self-belief defeats her and she pulls out.  Unable to believe her luck, Lucy stands in for Amanda but lets herself down again through her lack of preparation and stubborn belief in her singing talent.

Can Amanda overcome her self-doubt and perform to save her school? Can she learn to love singing again simply for the immense pleasure it brings her? If you’ve ever asked yourself, ‘Could I do that?’, once you’ve seen ‘Feelgood Academy’, you’ll know the answer is ‘Yes!’

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