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Royalty Quotation Form (FL)

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Product Description

The rights to perform and record for all the titles in our catalogue are managed by Stagescripts Ltd.

A royalty fee must be paid:

  • whether or not the play is presented as a charity event,
  • whether or not an admission fee is charged,
  • whether or not your organisation is 'not-for-profit',
  • if you invite anybody who is not part of the cast, stage crew, or front of house team, to a rehearsal

... although different arrangements may apply for Virtual Performances, and special rules apply to certain productions given in schools, colleges and universities.

For UK and Irish customers only, you can immediately licence a single performance at a one act drama festival in your country by clicking the button to the right. Given the nature of drama festivals these licences will not be subject to a competing productions date or distance proximity test.

For all other licensing applications, please continue below.


To start the rights application process please complete the form below. We will send you a combined quotation/application form.

Please read 'Licensing' which explains our process. Please note that we may store your e-mail address for us to contact you in the future in line with our Privacy Policy.

For a tour (ie the same production in several different venues) please complete one form for each venue...

Providing a quotation is not an automatic process and although we try and respond quickly, it can take 3-5 days when the office is busy.