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by Peter Waterman & Rod Christian

"Cruisin’ is true musical theatre;
every song is grounded in character
and is there to develop the story"
"... a rock-solid original score and
a script with a heart of gold"
Peter Ross, Director

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Cruisin’ is an exciting new musical filled with comedy, pathos and catchy musical numbers with songs in the style and spirit of the pioneers of rock n roll.

It tells a vibrant, energetic and engaging musical story that follows Vinnie Russo, a young Italian kid as he struggles to escape from his Papa's expectations, to take his place in the modern 1950's world of motorbikes, rock and roll - and girls!

Vincenzo Russo emigrated to the UK in 1948 to help with the post-war rebuilding ,leaving his family behind in Italy. With his friend Johnny DiMaccio and others in a similar position, he is waiting at the docks for his wife Rosa and their children Vinnie and Maria. He is 'old school' and dreams that his children will grow up in the traditional family - the Italian way.

The years pass until 1959 when Vinnie at seventeen and in his final year at school finds that he is torn between his love for music and his family traditions. His father thinks that Vinnie is wasting his time with rock and roll music instead of concentrating on his Italian heritage and a solid career in the family small good’s business.

Conflict comes to a head when Maria, Vinnie's younger sister, leaves home to be with Phil (the guitarist and lead singer in the band Cruisin’) and Vinnie joins the band at the local Rock and Roll Club run by Johnny DiMaccio, who is now a streetwise entrepreneur, calling himself Johnny Angel.

It takes courage and determination for Rosa and Johnny Angel to convince Vinnie's father that this “crazy rock and roll music” may not be such a bad thing after all.

Eventually, the traditional family values stay intact and the Russos come to terms with the new British way of life. Music becomes the instrument of reconciliation, bridging the generation gap and creating a new cultural harmony and optimism for the future.

With 21 original songs fully scored for an 8 piece band, a vocal and piano score and rock and roll and dance numbers, Cruisin’ is a show that appeals to all ages and cultures.

A fun, moving and uplifting show!


Principals (5m, 4f)
  Vincenzo Russo - early 40's, Italian, quick-tempered, domineering but humorous.
  Rosa Russo - late 30's, Italian, compassionate, well-meaning, protective, gentle
  Vinnie Russo - 17, feisty, musically ambitious, loves girls, Elvis and rock 'n roll
  Maria Russo - 16, appears innocent but loves boys, fashion, music & dancing
  Johnny Angel - mid-30's , an Italian immigrant, street-wise with connections.
  Pamela Sanderson - 17 , blue-eyed blonde, trend-setter, good singer & dancer
  Giovanna Paparde - 16, ordinary with glasses, shy, reserved, a 'good Italian girl'
  Phil Stanton - 18, a teddy-boy, rides a Harley Davidson, leads the Cruisin' band
  Rory Storm - late teens, leads a rival band (singing role only)
Support (3m, 5f plus non-speaking roles, plus 'bands', singers & chorus)
  Sister Immaculate - a typical 'old-school' Nun
  Brother Rodney - the school Principal
  Bianca - a bride (non-speaking)
  Gino - a bridegroom
  Carmella - Giovanna's mother
  Young Rosa - late 20's, newly arrived from Italy
  Little Vinnie - 9, newly arrived from Italy
  Little Maria - 7, newly arrived from Italy
The 'Bands' : (none play live music)
  Cruisin' - Guitar, Bass & Drums, with Phil as vocalist
  Rory Storm and the Hurricanes - Guitar, Double Bass & Drums, with Rory as vocalist
  Wedding Band - Organ, Drums, Double Bass, with Vincenzo as leader
Backing Singers :
  3 x 'Doo Wop' girls
Chorus :
  Singers and dancers (as many as possible), school students etc


  1) Overture Orchestra
  2) Rejoice Vincenzo, Johnny, Young Rosa, Little Vinnie, Little Maria & Chorus
  3) Cruisin' Phil & Cruisin' Band
  4) Listen To Your Heart Maria & Phil
  5) When A Boy Meets A Girl Pamela & Vinnie
  6) Good Italian Girl Vincenzo & Rosa
  7) Holding On To A Dream Vinnie & Rosa
  8) Someone In The Crowd Vinnie & Pamela
  9) Bet Your Heart On Me Rory Storm & The Hurricanes
10) Boys Were Made To Hug And Kiss Pamela, Maria & Giovanna
11) Can You Really Dig Johnny, Phil, Pamela & Vinnie
12) Get Back Vincenzo, Vinnie, Maria & Chorus
~~ Interval ~~  
13) What's He Gonna Do? Johnny & Chorus
14) Don't Cry For Me Vinnie & Maria
15) If That Boy Only Knew Pamela, Maria & Giovanna
16) It Takes A Woman Rosa & Maria
17) Don't Break My Heart Phil, Johnny & Vinnie
18) This Crazy Rock And Roll Johnny, Rosa & Maria
19) I Had A Dream Vincenzo
20) Cruisin' Vinnie, Phil, Cruisin' Band & Chorus
21) No More Good Italian Girl Giovanna, Johnny & Chorus
22) Goodbye Caruso, Hello Elvis Vincenzo, Vinnie & Chorus
23) Starting Here,Starting Now / Celebrate   Company
24) Encore (Cruisin') Company

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