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Beauty And The Beast

    by David Maun


“A tale as old as time, but a brand new pantomime.”

This traditional story has been given a pantomime makeover with a cast of colourful characters that will delight young and old alike.

Belladonna (an evil sprite!) tells the audience of her plan to marry Prince Ferdinand. However, the Prince is appalled and tells her that he would rather die. In a rage she turns him into a Beast until he can find someone who will love him for who he is and not how he looks.

Beauty (our heroine) lives with her Father, her two very selfish and demanding sisters (Cecily and Rosemary) and their housekeeper the Dame (Lucy Lastic). Eager to marry Beauty, two would be suitors, Roderick and Crispin, arrive but before they can declare their intentions they are ambushed by her sisters. Meanwhile, in his castle deep in the forest, the Beast is watched over by Hudson (his manservant and confidant) and a host of servants. The final character is the Good fairy (White Rose) who battles with Belladonna to ensure that good will prevail.

With a chorus that can be any size, there is plenty of scope for big production numbers and fairytale sets. There are four main sets with numerous smaller scenes played in front of secondary tabs.


Principals : 7m, 3f  (plus Chorus & Dancers)

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