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Cinderella, the sequel

    by Jackie Staite


Panto Script: 'Cinderella, the sequel' by Jackie Staite

If you've already done 'Cinderella' and your audience would like to know what happens next, or if you want a pantomime which is up-to-date, original and different, this could be the one for you.

It starts with the Fairy Godmother and her husband discussing Cinderella. The Fairy Godmother is very put out because after all her hard work, Cinderella does not want to marry the prince; she thinks he is too boring. 

Cinderella’s plan is to run away to join a pirate ship (disguised as a boy, of course) with her faithful friend Press Stud. All the old characters, such as Baron Hardup, the stepmother, the ugly sisters, the Prince and Dan O’Deeny, (his Irish companion), follow her to bring her back, and the Fairy Godmother goes along to see fair play.

On board ship, Cinderella meets some interesting new characters, such as the swashbuckling pirate chief, the Earl of Sandwich and his wife, their well-endowed daughter Eglantine, and even some nasty characters such as the Old Man of the Sea.

She is warned that the prince will recognise her, so she remains in disguise, but the prince becomes attached to Eglantine, who is too wrapped up in herself to find him boring. Cinderella is attracted to the handsome pirate chief, who guesses who she is and reveals her true identity.

The ship sails to Mexico where pretty girls, rival bandit gangs and lots more adventures await all our characters. There is hidden treasure, but the pirate chief and an old girlfriend steal it. The bandits therefore decide to capture and marry an heiress but when everyone is wearing mantillas, who can tell who is who? The ugly sisters are in for a big surprise, and yes, Cinderella does find true happiness, but not quite in the way we expect.

Twists and turns, humour and thrills abound in this original and bang up-to-date pantomime, which is easily staged with only two basic sets.


(14m, 10f, 2m/f) doubling possible


  • Dad - Fairy Godmother’s husband (could double with Old Man Of The Sea and Priest)
  • Pirate Chief - swashbuckling, handsome but a bit of a rogue
  • Baron Hardup - comic character whose main comedy derives from his being hard of hearing, should be played straight
  • Prince Charming - boring because he is too fond of his own voice, doesn't realise other people are not interested in what he is talking about
  • Dan O’Deeny - Irish version of Dandini, he has plenty of charm and a little of the blarney (m/f)
  • Gorgeous Gussie - Ugly Sister, plenty of humour can be milked from their various interactions
  • Delectable Delia - Ugly Sister, plenty of humour can be milked from their various interactions
  • Earl of Sandwich
  • First Mate - (could double with José)
  • Second Mate - (could double with Pedro)
  • Old Man of the Sea - looks frightening (could double with Dad)
  • Press Stud - a parody on Buttons, remains loyal to Cinderella throughout (m/f)
  • José - bandit (could double with First Mate)
  • Carlos - bandit
  • Pedro - bandit (could double with Second Mate)
  • Priest (could double with Dad)


  • Fairy Godmother - played with a strong Yorkshire accent, comic character, larger than life
  • French Roll
  • Stepmother - bossy and domineering
  • Cinderella - adventurous girl, knows her own mind
  • Eglantine - rich, young heiress, bit of a bimbo, can be played with an upper class lisp, should display plenty of bust
  • Mexican peddler
  • Conchita - Mexican girl 
  • Margarita - Mexican girl
  • Isabella - Mexican girl            
  • Miranda - Mexican girl, optional
2 Bandits (optional, m/f)
Chorus of Pirates and Mexicans;
Children for entertainment and sea creatures

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