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Ali Baba

    by John Bartlett


El Ranseed, a filthy beggar finds a magic soft-drink can and is granted three wishes by the Genie of the Can. His first wish is to have a food plate that never empties, and so later, just by chance, he is appointed Chief Food Taster to the Sultan, having been apprehended by Mustaphaslap and Mustaphatickle, the rather dim-witted palace guards.

Dame Fatty Ma and her two sons, Ali Baba (the dopey one) and Kassim Baba (the intelligent, handsome one) add more than an appropriate amount of mayhem, mirth and mischief as they battle against El Ranseed in order that Kassim can marry the Sultan’s daughter.


Principals : 5m, 2f, 2m/f    Support : 2m, 4f, 5m/f    Voices Off : 1m/f   (plus Chorus & Dancers)

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