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A Panto Between The Pyramids

    by Rich Lock


Panto Script: 'A Panto Between The Pyramids' by Rich Lock

A town in ancient Egypt is plagued by the Mummy’s curse! But all is not quite what it seems as the 'curse' is actually fake news. The Evil Pharaoh Roche (he’s nuts) aided by his bumbling assistant Scarab have managed to convince the whole town that a Mummy stalks around the streets at night. Only Pharaoh Roche, with his Magical Staff has the power to keep the villagers safe and he charges a fee for this protection. 

Thankfully some of the Villagers, namely our Heroine Cleo, a street urchin named Niles, Dame Donna Kebab and the village idiot, Archie Ologist have their doubts about the curse. They find themselves on an adventure to the Great Pyramid to discover the truth and bring an end to the Pharaoh’s rule. 

Throw in a host of other hilarious characters, Toot & Karmoon, Sphinx the cat, Mustafa Wedgie and a real life Mummy and you have an original story worthy of the Egyptian gods! Acclaimed Panto’ writer Rich Lock returns with another brand new, original panto’. With all of the one liners, clichés, dodgy jokes, slapstick, innuendo and audience participation you would expect with a panto’ this show is a brand new, modern take on the traditional pantomime genre.

Characters (4m, 2f, 6m/f)

  • Dame Donna Kebab - an over the top, butch woman, widowed, only son lost at birth, will have a love affair with one lucky member of the audience (m)
  • Archie-Ologist - village Idiot, young guy, terrible jokes everywhere, works for Dame Donna (m)
  • Pharaoh Roche - evil villain, arrogant, in love with himself, has quick bursts of dad dancing, never without his magical staff which he is a little too fond of (m) 
  • Scarab - bug like, Pharaoh Roche’s assistant, weak and feeble, walks with an over exaggerated limp (m/f)
  • Niles - Principle boy, street wise, dashing and handsome (m/f)
  • Cleo - the heroin, pretty, clever and brave, isn’t convinced of the Mummy’s curse (f)
  • Sphinx - magical cat who speaks mostly in rhyme as the typical 'fairy' character (f)
  • Toot & Karmoon - two comical police officers (m/f)
  • Mustafa Wedgie - Cleo's father, upper class, rich man (m)
  • Mummy - friendly but misunderstood Mummy, must be instantly likeable, appears in the last 2 scenes of the show (m/f)
  • Body - not so dead body used for a comic mummification segment (Act 1 Scene 3 only) (m/f)
  • Jim & George- names can be changed to suit, two disgruntled chorus members (Act 2 Scene 2 only) (m/f)
  Chorus - various mix of ages; they are principally villagers

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