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Dick Turpin Rides Again

    by Richard Hills

Pantomime: 'Dick Turpin Rides Again' by Richard Hills


Loosely based on the famous tale of Dick Turpin and his ride to York, the highwayman Dick Turpin, arrives in York, after escaping Newgate Prison in London. 

He falls in love with the Dame’s daughter at The King’s Head Inn. The Mayor of York and a Detective from London, spend all their time searching for Dick Turpin and arresting all the wrong people. Eventually Dick rides off into the night with the girl he loves - hurrah!


5m, 5f, 5m/f   (plus Chorus & Dancers)

Principals (5m, 5f, 3m/f)

  • Dick Turpin : our Principal Boy
  • Staff : in charge of the night watchmen (m)
  • Dame Perrie Winkle : our Dame
  • Mayor : the mayor of York (m/f)
  • Cindy : our Principal Girl, Dame Winkle's daughter
  • Lilow Lil : a busybody
  • Mrs Trimble : owner of the Tuck Shop
  • Hinch & Cliff : incompetent night watchmen (m/f)
  • Wee Willie Winkle : Dame Winkle's son
  • Peter Dimwit : a famous London detective
  • Dolly Dewdrop : a stooge for Peter Dimwit
  • Sally Bright : Mrs Trimble's niece

Support (2m/f)

  • Dobbin :  a clapped out horse (2 x m/f)

Together with a Chorus of townspeople, and dancers.

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