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Dick Whittington

    by Richard Hills


Dick Whittington arrives in London, where he meets Alice and gets a job at Fitzwarren’s shop. He becomes friends with a cat, but is made to look a thief by the evil King Rat.

He goes to sea, but the ship is sunk by the rats boring holes in the ship. Landing in Morocco, Dick is captured, and om meeting the Emperor, saves him from a plague of rats, for which the Emperor makes Dick rich and gives him a ship.

He then returns to London where he becomes Lord Mayor of London and marries Alice.

Others in the cast are Alderman Fitzwarren, Sarah the cook, her son idle Jack, Captain Fish, and his Mate Chips.


7m, 2f, 6m/f   (plus Chorus & Dancers)

Principals (6m, 2f, 3m/f)

  • Fairy Kindness : the Good Fairy of the Bow Bells
  • King Rat : the villain
  • Night Watchman : a Night Watchman (m/f)
  • Sarah The Cook : the Dame
  • Alderman Fitzwarren : the owner of a shop
  • Alice Fitzwarren : the principal girl
  • Tommy : a lovable cat (m/f)
  • Idle Jack : works for the Alderman
  • Captain Fish : Captainof the ‘Saucy Sal’ (m/f)
  • Chips : the Captain's Mate
  • Dick Whittington : the principal boy

Support (1m, 3f)

  • Lord Chamberlain: an official of the City of London (m/f)
  • Official: at the Sultan's Palace (m/f)
  • The Vizier : Chief of staff  to the Sultan (m/f)
  • Sultan : The Sultan of Morocco

Together with a Chorus, little rats and under-sea creatures, Junior Dancers and Senior Dancers

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