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Goldilocks And The Three Bears

    by Richard Hills

Pantomime: 'Goldilocks And The Three Bears'


The King, the Queen and their Princess daughter are cruelly turned into three bears by the Witch of Evil Wood. 

It’s highly likely they’ll need a Prince to put everything right again, but is the Prince of Happy Land up to the job? Let’s hope so or the happy porridge-filled ending that we've come to expect, might be in some jeopardy.

There is plenty of comedy in this panto with Dame Mother Hubbard, Baron Not-A-Lot, and his two stooges, Grabbit and Nabbit.


9m, 6f, 4m/f   (plus Chorus & Dancers)

Principals (8m, 5f)

  • King : the King of Beardonia
  • Queen : the Queen of Beardonia
  • Prince : the Prince of Happy-Land, the Principal Boy
  • Goldilocks : the Principal Girl
  • Princess Paula : the Second Principal Girl
  • Baron Not-A-Lot : a friend of the King
  • Simple Simon : Herald to the King
  • Grabbit & Nabbit : two incompetent assistants to the Baron (2 x m/f)
  • Mother Hubbard : the Dame
  • Fairy Light : the good fairy
  • Martin & Mandy : two mice (1m, 1f)

Support (1m, 1f, 4m/f)

  • Fido : the Dame's dog, non-speaking (m/f)
  • Maria : the Witch of Evil Wood
  • Wolf (m/f)
  • Squirrel - a woodland animal (m/f)
  • Owl - a woodland animal (m/f)
  • Foxy Fox - a woodland animal (m/f)

Together with a Chorus and Senior Dancers as villagers of Beardonia, and Junior Dancers as school children and woodland animals (three of which have a few lines each). A ‘creature’ (non-speaking) is played by a member of the Chorus.