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Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

    by Roger Butler


Panto Script: 'Snow White' by Philip Meeks

When the curtains open the stage is in darkness. The wicked Queen's face appears as she speaks to her mirror, which tells her: "One will come soon more fair than thee", so the Queen vows to kill her! The stage is then flooded with light and we are in a castle ballroom. During the opening song a Magpie called MP ‘collects’ jewels from the chorus, helped by the Queen's maid Robina. The Queen, who has toothache, arrives and warns her subjects to look happy when the Duke's nephew arrives… or else.

Widow Swanky arrives to apply for a job in the castle shop followed by her niece, Snow White. Due to a misunderstanding the Queen thinks Swanky is a doctor so she gets the job, provided she can stop the Queens toothache.

Pantomime Script: 'Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs' by Roger ButlerPrince Hero arrives and meets Snow White. The Queen realises that this is the girl who is ‘fairer than her’ and orders MP and Robina to take her into the forest and get rid of her.  This they do but they simply leave her deep in the forest.

We then meet the seven Dwarfs on their way home. It is vital that they are played by children in this scene as, in the following scene, the Dwarfs have drunk a special potion and are now adult size!

The tall Dwarfs then discover Snow White who promises to stay in their cottage provided the Dwarfs travel to the castle and let Swanky know she is alright.  They travel to the castle in their car which has ‘grown’ having been topped up with the special potion.

On arrival at the castle they enter the shop and tell Swanky that Snow White is safe and sound.  They decide to buy Snow White a present but they don't have any money, only diamonds which Swanky finds most acceptable!

The Queen arrives and insists Prof deals with her toothache. He does with hilarious results. The Queen finds out that Snow White is still alive and goes into the forest with a poisoned apple. The castle household learn of this and quickly follow but are too late, as Snow White has taken a bite. The day is saved by Tishue having a mighty sneeze which dislodges the apple from Snow White's throat!  It then only remains to prove that the Queen was the culprit.


(4m, 3f, 7m/f)
  •   Duke
  •   Queen Vanity
  •   Prince Hero - the Duke's Nephew
  •   Widow Swanky
  •   Snow White - Widow Swanky's Niece
  •   MP - a male magpie
  •   Robina - the Queen's maid
  The Seven Dwarfs
    SnoozyTishue, Grouchy, Dozey, Smiley, Prof & Blushy
  Chorus of boys and girls (NOTE: at least seven are required to match the genders of the Seven Dwarfs)

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