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Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

    by Warren McWilliams

Pantomime Script: 'Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs' by Warren McWilliams


Featuring all the traditional elements of pantomime this new show written by Warren McWilliams promises to warm the hearts of children of all ages and adults alike.

Featuring a range of hit songs, spectacular dancing and great gags, Snow White is a fantastic family pantomime that will not disappoint. 

When her Magic Mirror tells Snow White’s Stepmother, that she is no longer fairest in the land, the vain, wicked Queen vows to put an end to her Stepdaughter. Aided by her friends Snow White escapes and hides with the Dwarf family deep in the forest. But she is soon found and struck down by a poisoned apple. Will Snow White survive? Can true love save her?

Will the Queen be fairest in the land once again? The only way to find out is to watch the show.


Main 5m, 3f, 10m/f

  • Narrator              
  • Snow White’s Mother & King - Snow Whites parents, King & Queen in prologue
  • Muddles - court jester, best friend to Snow White, loves a good joke
  • Snow White - our kind and pure princess
  • Queen - a wicked vain self-centred witch who’ll stop at nothing to ensure she’s fairest in the land
  • Herman the Henchman - the Queens loyal but filthy henchman
  • Prince Louis - a true and just gentleman, also a prince
  • Monty - Louis’ over protective, pompous, puffed up, over officious Valet
  • The Mirror - a mystic trapped inside a mirror, character open for interpretation
  • Herald - the court announcer
  • Prof - head of the dwarf family, apparently the smartest
  • Grumbly - a miserable old dwarf
  • Lazy - a sleepy, work shy, lay about
  • Sniffly - a dwarf with a bad cold, must be able to interact with audience on sneezes
  • Greedy - food obsessed, obese dwarf, always has a snack handy, food puns should be delivered matter of factly not played for laughs.
  • Jumpy - lives in constant twitchy fear, scared even by the mention of his name, jumps each time Sniffly sneezes
  • Dizzy - character is open for exploration but generally he is well-meaning but a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic

Other Parts

  • Man, Villagers, Guards - speaking 
  • Ghosties, Ghoulies, Ensemble - non speaking

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