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Love On The Beach

    by Raymond Hopkins


Comedy Play Script: 'Love On The Beach' by Raymond Hopkins

Tom Millard’s world has been shattered by the unexpected death of his loving wife. Having now realised that life is short and precious, Tom makes a ‘bucket list’ and starts working his way through it.

Tom’s lifelong ambition is to live by the sea. So, he decides to take early retirement and move away from family and friends to live, in a small cottage, on the coast. His two married daughters are unhappy about their father’s decision to move over a hundred miles away from them, and after three months, they are missing him dreadfully. Mainly because he was always around to help out with gardening and babysitting! In an effort to get their dad back home to resume his fatherly duties, they arrange for Brenda, a wealthy neighbour, to take a holiday near Tom. The idea being that she will become romantically involved with him and persuade Tom to move back to her house, which is just up the road from his daughters. The only problem with this arrangement is that Tom detests Brenda!

Meanwhile, continuing to work his way through his ‘bucket list’, Tom has hired the services of a mature escort lady for an evening’s entertainment. By a twist of fate, the local female Vicar calls round the night Tom is expecting his escort lady. Tom mistakes the vicar for his date and starts making amorous advances towards her.

Brenda, who is still on holiday, is calling in daily, getting Tom to chaperone her around all the local beauty spots. Tom reluctantly obliges, and due to several misunderstandings, Brenda thinks that Tom has fallen in love with her. When in actual fact Tom has fallen in love with the vicar.

It is time for Brenda to return home. Tom needs to confess his true feelings, without upsetting her. Fortunately, Keith, his best mate, sorts everything out!

There are many twists and turns in this hilarious farcical comedy.

Written in 2016, this play has been performed throughout the world.


(2m, 6f)

  • Tom Millard - 64, intelligent, thoughtful, romantic at heart, well groomed, looks good for his age, private person who doesn’t like socialising, his world has been shattered since the death of his wife
  • Lucy Richens - 40, Tom’s youngest daughter, well spoken, smartly dressed, slightly overweight, married with two children, fairly placid
  • Jade Thompson - 41, Tom’s eldest daughter, speaks her mind, good looking, dresses in quirky clothes, not at all happy that her dad has moved away from family and friends, married with two children
  • Brenda Harris - 56, family friend, lives alone after her husband left her, very wealthy, likes the finer things in life, verging on being a snob, thinks the world revolves around her, dominates conversation, has a crush on Tom
  • Keith Groves - 55, Tom’s best friend, Jack the lad, married for twenty-seven years but does his own thing, larger than life personality, smart in appearance
  • Sara Jones - 52, local vicar, spinster, slim and attractive, well dressed, very saintly Christian who has dedicated her life to the church, very likeable person
  • Alice Beale - 76, cleaning lady, has many medical problems, shabbily dressed and poorly groomed, lives on her own since her husband walked out, could have a walking stick, suggestion — mispronounces words which are underlined in script
  • Kim Ross - 46, escort lady, good looking and smart in appearance, well educated, enjoys her job, single parent with twins

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