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My Husband's Nuts

    by Devon Williamson


We licence productions of this title in UK, Ireland & Europe only.
For other areas please contact Devon Williamson

Comedy Play Script: 'My Husband's Nuts' by Devon WilliamsonSynopsis

Barbara's husband is missing on the family farm. Jack, your stereotypical farmer, suffers a bump to the head, causing him to, as the play's name suggests, go a tad nutty. The havoc this creates leads to many an unexpected event and awkward moment.

On his return he is a nervous wreck and will not leave the house... he is suffering from 'agriphobia' (the fear of agriculture), and is convinced that he is Hiroo Onoda - a Japanese soldier holding out on an island after World War Two.

Barbara's husband is, well... nuts. The only people she can trust with this information is the new vet and the village idiot. How will they restore Jack's mind without the help of the medical profession... or common sense? 




110 mins approx


(2m, 3f)

  • Jack Fitzgerald - local farmer, a living legend in the community
  • Barbara Fitzgerald - local farmer, Jack's wife
  • Charlotte - known as 'Charlie', Jack and Barbara's daughter, Terry's childhood friend
  • Jo - a vet, just graduated, looking to establish herself in the community
  • Terry McCloud - socially awkward, a local home alarm installer, a vegetarian (the kind that has to tell everyone)


We licence productions of this title in UK, Ireland & Europe only.
For other areas please contact Devon Williamson

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