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    by Jane Austen, adapted by Tim Luscombe

"a rapier-tipped parody of the vanity of the idle rich"
"... plenty to admire in a witty and stylish new adaptation."
Tim Hughes, The Oxford Times, June 2017
'Emma' by Jane Austen adapted by Tim Luscombe

For details of the 2017 Professional UK Tour of this play please visit the website of The Production Exchange.

Also, Tim Luscombe's own website has further information.


Jane Austen’s masterpiece, Emma, takes us on a joyful journey packed full of warmth and wit, romantic schemes and mistaken intentions. 

Young, bright and beautiful Emma Woodhouse has the world at her feet, or at least the small part of Surrey in which she lives. The only trouble is that English village life being what it is, she’s denied any outlet for her creative ideas. So she determines to employ her considerable social skills and imagination to become a matchmaker and unite her new friend Harriet Smith with dashing Mr Elton. But to Emma’s great surprise, the more she tries to manipulate the destinies of others, the less success she has, until she herself, determined never to wed, is forced to face her own feelings and perhaps even dare to love another. 

While Emma’s world is one of secrecy, missed cues and failed attempts to influence people, handsome and mischievous Frank Churchill is also hiding a secret, determined to use Emma to further his own romantic scheme.

Will Mr Churchill have his way with Emma or will she foil his plan and realise that, for her, true love lies in a different direction? 

Keeping faithfully to the original, Tim Luscombe (who’s had great success with his other Jane Austen adaptations; Northanger AbbeyMansfield Parkand Persuasion) relates Austen’s story with verve and style, honouring its central themes and transporting its famous characters to the stage, including the dashing and restrained Mr Knightley, the comically hypochondriac Mr Woodhouse and the sublimely dull Miss Bates!


3m, 4f or 5m, 6f

  • Emma Woodhouse 
  • Mr Knightley
  • Frank Churchill 
  • Miss Bates
  • Harriet Smith / Mrs Elton  
  • Jane Fairfax / Gypsy 
  • Mr Woodhouse / Mr Elton / Gypsy 2 
Emma can be performed by as few as 7 actors, or as many as 10 or 11

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