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The Diamond Necklace

    by Juliet Bagnall



Thriller Drama Play Script: 'The Diamond Necklace' by Juliet Bagnall

'The Diamond Necklace' is a 1950s-style radio thriller in two 'episodes', very much in the style of the vintage BBC series 'Paul Temple' and designed to be read on stage, with both recorded and live sound effects. 

Charles and Louise Maudesley are horrified to find that Louise’s friend Marjorie appears to be missing. Marjorie’s husband George immediately falls under suspicion. The couple had spotted him at an out of the way hotel with another woman, who was wearing a fabulous diamond necklace, and his explanation for his wife’s disappearance is far from satisfactory. 

Meanwhile, George is under pressure from his disreputable cousin Howard to sell said necklace and come up with the money. Both appear to be involved with a dodgy nightclub owner, Alfredo Borso and his mistress Dorothy. 

Scotland Yard is also looking into the goings on at the nightclub and, whilst at first they are dismissive of the Maudesleys’ fears for Marjorie, events take a sinister turn, forcing them to take the situation more seriously. 

But with Scotland Yard’s attention focused on Borso and his gang, the Maudesleys feel they have no choice but to take matters into their own hands, very nearly costing them their lives.


(6-8m, 3-6f)


  • Charles Maudesley - a well-to-do London art dealer
  • Louise Maudesley - his wife
  • George Lambton - minor aristocrat
  • Marjorie Lambton - his wife (not to appear in programme)
  • Howard Lambton - a distant cousin of George’s, Australian
  • Chief Supt Treadwell - of the Metropolitan Police
  • Inspector Croft - of the Metropolitan Police
  • Alfredo Borso - casino and nightclub owner, phoney Italian
  • Betty Green - the Lambton’s maid
  • Madeleine Parks - hat shop owner
  • Virginia Fleming - friend of Louise’s
  • Dorothy Wilkes - Borso’s mistress
  • Luigi - Italian waiter


  • Mr Harvey - American 
  • Taxi Driver
  • Police Constable/Woman Police Constable
  • Security Guard
  • Maitre d’
  • Sergeant
  • Announcer
  • On stage sound effects personnel (two suggested)
Doubling up of characters is possible, except for the main parts. Some of the small characters have just one or two lines so would be played by members of the cast. The police constable can be either male or female but needs to appear in the programme as a WPC if female, in keeping with the period. The announcer need not be a member of the cast.


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