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with Music

'Call Me Dusty' - a play with music about the life of Dusty Springfield by Derek Webb

Call Me Dusty by Derek Webb

Small Cast Version: (2f, 1m) Large Cast Version 6m, 6f min)
Without doubt the finest white soul singer of her era, Dusty Springfield is for millions the definitive pop diva. Her lifestyle was the stuff of legend – and great drama. Misunderstood and often misquoted, with her relentless quest for perfection and refusal to compromise, Dusty Springfield led a tormented life culminating in a downward spiral of drugs, alcohol abuse and self-harm – but, despite all that, she produced tremendous music which still ranks as some of the finest of its kind. The actress playing Dusty does not have to sing, all the tracks played are recorded songs.

Free And Easy by Bill Cronshaw

(5m, 4f) Musical Comedy Play
Enjoy a real nostalgia treat with this gently humorous, hugely entertaining, piece of escapism. Set to a backdrop of over fifteen hits of the 50s and 60's, we follow the trials and tribulations of Eric Dobbins, the dryly nonchalant publican, and his matriarchal wife, Iris (a stereotypical landlady), as they, their staff and their regulars fight to save the pub from the unscrupulous hands of the brewery manager who sees it as a potential lap-dancing venue. Requires a cast of competent singers and a three-piece band.
Drama Play Script: 'Lumley Mill' by John Bartlett

Lumley Mill by John Bartlett

Cast Size : 37 (Adults & Juveniles) Large Cast Musical Drama
Set in the fields and farms of England circa 1890. John Bartlett's play is a lovingly created look back at those simpler times of shepherds and squires; innocence and indulgence; Morris men, maidens and milk-maids. Using traditional English folk tunes, this play is an unusual, but fascinating glimpse at the social mores and constraints of Victorian agricultural society. The cast list is quite large, so there is ample scope for doubling if necessary, or for involving a large number of actors where this is possible.

Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure At Sir Arthur Sullivan's by Tim Heath

(3m, 2f)
Holmes and Watson meet a friend of the composer Sir Arthur Sullivan outside the Opera House, Covent Garden, and are invited to recount some of their adventures on stage at a charity gala. The two stories that they choose to perform are Conan Doyle’s 'A Scandal in Bohemia' and 'Charles Augustus Milverton'. But why those stories, and why were they asked to perform in the first place? "I know an optical illusion when I see one," quips the great detective. But does he?

'Sunshine Mountain' - a play with music by John Bartlett

Sunshine Mountain by John Bartlett

(15m, 11f, 3m/f) Large Cast Musical Drama 
Set in the mid-1930's, a group of excitable children are taken to the seaside for a day. An endearing look back at more relaxed past times, when Sunday School charabanc outings were very popular and deckchair attendants ruled the beach! Suitable for either adult or school productions.