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Dame Agatha And The Little Point Affair

    by Robert Sheppard



A spoof murder mystery including ten (optional) songs, with new lyrics set to well-known tunes from G & S operettas, which enhance the action and fun.  Vocal scores are available.

The Amateur Acting Society of Little Point (AASLiP) are rehearsing ‘Don’t Tell the Vicar!’ They are an ill-assorted bunch including, amongst others, a smooth-tongued leading man, a flustered stage manager, an apprehensive doctor, a gaggle of feisty maidservants, a word-twisting vicar and the bitterly opposed Evadne and Regan, who are competing for the female lead. The hapless director is trying to control them all. Into this maelstrom of conflicting egos and emotions steps Dame Agatha Crustie, doyenne of amateur sleuths, who is spending the weekend with her old school chum, Lady Bertha Brandling, and her eccentric old duffer of a husband, Sir Redvers.

When Regan is cast as the female lead, Evadne storms off in a fury. The rehearsal of ‘Don’t Tell the Vicar!’ – a truly dreadful play – reaches a melodramatic climax when one of the characters is accidentally shot as part of the play. It quickly becomes apparent, however, that the victim really has been shot and is dead. Dame Agatha calls for order and asserts that there has been a real-life murder!

PC Albert Hall has arrived and is taking notes. Chief Inspector Morose enters to take charge and Dame Agatha gives him an outline of events, given that Albert’s grasp of the situation seems limited. As the tension and speculation increase, so too do the laughs as the police fumble and stumble their way through the investigation, with Dame Agatha ‘helpfully’ commenting on their efforts.

After all the evidence has been collected and sifted Chief Inspector Morose delivers his summary of motive and opportunity and names the murderer. Dame Agatha immediately tells him he’s wrong and is about to deliver her own verdict when there is a surprise twist as another member of the company intervenes.

Eventually Dame Agatha offers her interpretation of events and names the killer, who confesses. The play ends with the general conviction that Little Point has made its mark on the map.


(10m, 10f)

  • Bert Grouch - hall caretaker
  • Elsie Gibbons - stage manager
  • Cora - chamber maid at Brandling Hall
  • Dora - parlour maid at Brandling Hall
  • Nora - scullery maid at Brandling Hall
  • Flora - new maid at Brandling Hall
  • Rupert Farquhar - leading man
  • Basil Darkside - chairman of AASLiP
  • Evadne Darkside - his wife
  • Gordon - lighting man
  • Will Power - director
  • Regan Lear - his girl friend
  • Fabby Spiffington-Brightling - wardrobe mistress
  • Rev Donald Spooner - local vicar
  • Dr Hugh Watt - local doctor
  • Sir Redvers Brandling - local squire
  • Lady Bertha Brandling - his wife
  • Dame Agatha Crustie - noted amateur detective
  • PC Albert Hall - local bobby
  • Chief Inspector Morose - Somerset constabulary

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