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Black Comedy

Dancing With Auntie

(3m, 4f)apx 60-70 mins
When teenager Barry invites his new girlfriend to the family Christmas party, she has a catalytic effect on the rest of the household, bringing to the fore a secret that has been hidden for many years. Barry's father has some explaining to do to his niece and his son in an attempt to atone for his actions. A beautifully crafted, wickedly humorous play. (Two Act split possible).


(1m) apx 90 mins Nominated - 'The Stage' Award (Best Solo Show) : 2006
A one man show telling the story of Harold Thropp, an ageing panto dame who is upset and annoyed with the way his beloved panto has become trivialised. The loss of his life partner, Eric causes him to re-think both his future, and that of Jez Buckham, the celebrity star of this year's, and last year's, dumbed down panto. (“Meeks has whiplash wit”; Lyn Gardner, The Guardian)

Two Sisters by Caroline Harding

(2f) 60 min version Nominated - Manchester Evening News Award (Best Play) : 2006
Dark secrets hidden in the grey mists of time are reluctantly revealed in this excellent black comedy, set in a small village in 1880's Russia. On the bizarre discovery of an empty coffin in Anya's lodgings, she and her sister Sonia, who are both now in their 40s, are goaded into recollecting some things they'd rather forget from their earlier years.