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    by Adam Colclough


Drama Play Script: 'Answer' by Adam Colclough


An empty stage... An answering machine... A phone call. 

Jumping back and forth, the audience experience the build-up to a desperate phone call, which will change the lives of those involved. 

Mark & Grace, a young couple in love, find themselves caught up in a frighteningly tense situation that is becoming all too familiar in our big cities here, and around the world. How did they get there? Will they survive? 

Moments of tenderness and laughter, mixed with high tension and drama play out, as we follow them both on their journey, from the start of their relationship as passengers on a train ride to work, to their possible end? Via engagements, pending parenthood and the ups and downs of everyday life. 

A simple story about love, centred around an extraordinary event. 

'Answer' was conceived to give companies (Amateur, Professional or educational) the unique opportunity to present a piece of drama in the truest form. A stripped back production both raw and honest in presentation. No barriers, the bare bones. Just the stage, the performers and the audience with minimal fuss. Making theatre accessible. No restrictions.

'Answer' has been developed so as to not be pigeonholed. This production isn’t reliant on a theatre stage for it to come alive, it could just as easily be staged in a classroom, a coffee shop, a hotel lobby or at a bus stop, as it is all about giving an audience a powerful and worthwhile experience without overcomplicating things. To be bold and brave enough, to let the audience members fill in the blanks.


35 mins approx


(1m, 1f)

  • Mark - 25-40
  • Grace - 25-40
The character of Mark could be changed to become Gemma, with the odd reference change, they could have conceived their child by a sperm donor.


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