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Feelgood Academy

by Steve Jones, Penny Lane & Glenn Keiles

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Dream it...
Wish it...
Feel it...
Musical Theatre: 'Feelgood Academy' by Steve Jones, Penny Lane & Glenn Keiles

Musical Theatre: 'Feelgood Academy' by Steve Jones, Penny Lane & Glenn Keiles


‘Feelgood Academy’ is the perfect musical for the whole family. Written by seasoned industry professionals, Steve Jones, Penny Lane and Glenn Keiles, the gripping story explores the price of our life’s dreams and why you should never give up on them.  It’s a new piece of British musical theatre that is driven by some incredible contemporary songs ranging from upbeat song and dance numbers to heartfelt ballads.

At the Feelgood Academy of Performing Arts, competition is tough, even for the two most gifted singers in the school. Amanda is the daughter of the school’s owner and headmistress. But while Amanda works more than anyone, she’s still seen as the privileged daughter who can do no wrong. Her best friend, Lucy is less conscientious, having relied on her natural vocal talents to get her where she is. Now struggling, Lucy rebels more and more as her lack of work affect her singing voice. The musical follows the two friends as they deal in their own ways with the high demands placed on them and their singing.

As their final term starts, Amanda, Lucy and their friends are chosen to compete for a place in a popular TV reality show that aims to find the next star of the huge gothic West End musical, ‘Motharotti’. Everyone feels the pressure, but Lucy’s lack of preparation leaves Amanda on her own to represent the school and save it from financial ruin.

Bella Derrydown-Webb, the famously arrogant West End producer of ‘Motharotti’, arrives to meet the school’s selected student and see them perform the key song from her show. But under the immense pressure to save the school, Amanda’s lack of self-belief defeats her and she pulls out.  Unable to believe her luck, Lucy stands in for Amanda but lets herself down again through her lack of preparation and stubborn belief in her singing talent.

Can Amanda overcome her self-doubt and perform to save her school? Can she learn to love singing again simply for the immense pleasure it brings her? If you’ve ever asked yourself, ‘Could I do that?’, once you’ve seen ‘Feelgood Academy’, you’ll know the answer is ‘Yes!’


Principals (2m, 5f)
  • Felicity Feelgood : 40s, Feelgood Academy's headmistress and former West End musical performer. Attractive, authoritative but also harried and perpetually stressed-out. Single mum and creative and business director of a bustling stage school. Uses her walking stick to good effect. Gets frustrated that her daughter, Amanda, seems to have all of mum’s talent but none of her drive or ambition.
  • Amanda Feelgood : Felicity's daughter - vivacious, intelligent and extremely talented, but entirely lacking in confidence. Would really rather not be going to a school where her mum is headmistress (she gets embarrassed when Felicity praises her singing or dancing in front of the other kids).
  • Lucy Holland : Self-proclaimed 'star' of Feelgood Academy. Very showy and theatrical - has no problems at all pushing herself forward. Ferociously ambitious - she needs to be a West End superstar. Best friends with Amanda (who she recognises is her only 'rival' in terms of talent – but as Amanda’s not competitive, Lucy doesn’t feel threatened).
  • Jason Kohl :the newest Feelgood Academy student. Talented, good looking and immediately very, very popular with most of the girl pupils.
  • Mr Sharpe : 40s, the school pianist/music teacher. A former colleague of Felicity's from her West End days. Loyal, sensible and carries a bit of a torch for Felicity. A bit of a geek.
  • Bella Derrydown Webb  : 50, a megalomaniac TV show host and West End uber-producer who shares some 'history' with Felicity Feelgood. The villain of the piece - self-interested, self-obsessed and completely ruthless. Currently the producer and host of hit-TV reality show Brand New Day.
  • Twinkly Farquar-Smithers : 20, Bella's long-suffering PA and girl-friday, prepared to put up with all sorts of indignities at the hands of her crazy her boss in pursuit of her a not-so-secret desire for a career in front of the camera rather than behind it. 
Support (4m, 4f)
  • Simone Shaw : Lucy's bestie, would like to be Lucy, but just happy to be one of the 'popular' girls at school. A good singer and dancer but not a very nice person. Jealous of Amanda's talent and the 'favouritism' she feels her mum shows her.
  • Tiger Hinari : a party-girl and an amazing dancer, another of Lucy's 'posse' of friends and hangers-on. Loud and opinionated on the surface, sweet and impressionable underneath.
  • Lavinia O’Toole : Another of Lucy's posse, Lavinia is 'the quiet one', she just wants to hang out with the cool girls and have a good time.
  • Nigel Bradshaw : another Feelgood star student. Funny and slightly bitchy, he also really likes Jason.
  • Derek Beeroll : 45, the ‘Brand New Day’ cameraman. Like Twinkly, Derek is no stranger to Bella's ego or her ridiculous demands, but he's an old hand at this and has learned to roll with the punches.
  • Mr Clancey : 30's, Feelgood Academy's head of movement. A cool dude who lives for the dance.
  • Miss Speake : Feelgood's head of diction. Loves the sound of her own voice, hates being interrupted.
  • Pub Landlord : Landlord of the ‘Terpsichore Arms’ gastropub, where most of the Feelgood Academy teachers and students hang out in their off hours. Takes an interest in (and keeps an eye on) them all. 
     Additional Academy students (as dancers, singers etc) can be added as required or as available.


Act One

  1. Overture
  2. Feelgood Academy (All Named Students & Ensemble)
  3. Dream It (All Named Students & Ensemble)
  4. Celebrate (All Named Students & Ensemble)
  5. Little Voice #1 (Amanda)
  6. It’s Not As Easy As It Seems (Lucy with All Named Students & Ensemble)
  7. ‘Motharotti’ Rap (Jason with Students)
  8. When I’m On Stage (Lucy, Amanda, Tiger & Simone with Ensemble)
  9. Little Voice #2 (Amanda)
  10. Searching (Amanda & Lucy)
  11. Stop, Listen (Amanda & Company)

Act Two

  1. Entr’acte
  2. Where Am I Going (Amanda, Lucy, Mrs Feelgood & Mr Sharpe)
  3. Bella’s Arrival (Bella)
  4. Nothing Lasts Forever (Mr Sharpe & Amanda)
  5. L’Amour (Lucy)
  6. Dancing With My Ego (Mrs Feelgood)
  7. When I Look In The Mirror (Lucy)
  8. L’Amour (Amanda)
  9. It’s Oh So Easy When You’re Me (Bella & Mrs Feelgood)
  10. Suddenly I Know It’s Love (Jason & Amanda)
  11. Dream It, Finale (Amanda & Ensemble)
  12. Dream It, Bows (Company)

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