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by Stephen Bridges & Noel Bannister

Musical Theatre: 'Reality' by Stephen Bridges & Noel Bannister

“Students are still singing songs from the show and they still say
it was the best show they've ever been in”

Victoria Wells, Head of Performing Arts, Birkenhead 6th Form College


Musical Theatre: 'Reality' by Stephen Bridges & Noel BannisterInspired by the modern preoccupation with life-changing game shows and reality TV, this musical explores a world obsessed with fame and the quick fix solution of an instant win.

Count the catch phrases, as the game show’s comic hosts treat the studio audience to a very special show. Share in the journey of a lifetime as 'The Reality Game' goes in search of a contestant willing to change everything for a chance to win a new life.

Moving between the real world, a London station and the reality game we encounter a variety of characters trying to find their way through life, with one desperate to find a short cut to the top. Through the magical world of ‘Reality’ he is presented with the chance to be a contestant on tonight’s show and win the opportunity to walk through time and leave his past behind. But of course the choice before him is not as easy as it seems as the life he longs for brings its own complications: and remember the audience has the final vote.

Full of cameo roles that offer fun parts for a large cast this musical will test the best singers as well as offer the chorus opportunities to sing and dance their way through a light hearted morality play for our time.


Principals (7m, 8f, 2m/f) All are singing roles
Bob- 30-55, pastiche of a typical TV game show host (m/f)
Rob - 30-55, pastiche of a typical TV game show host (m/f)
Pete - early 20's, a down and out, insightful except where he himself is concerned.
Billie - 18-21, also a down and out, reliant on and in love with Pete
Harry - 18-20 (ages to 30), a bit nervous, naive, good-hearted and hard working
Laura - 18-20 (ages to 30), Jim's natural partner, good-hearted and enthusiastic
Dave - 30-45, runs the street crime in and around the station
Chrisy - 20-25, glamorous with a hard outer shell, emotionally fragile inside
Nigel - 30-55, self-obsessed minor TV celebrity, trying to resurrect his career
Gloria/Bruce - 45-65, the 'Goddess/God Of Game Show Hosts'
Bill - 45-55, Billie's father. (Appears once, sings a duet with Billie).
Girls 1, 2 & 3 - 18-25, three 'wannabee' pop singers in a girl band
Ad Girls 1 & 2 - 20-35, talent spotters for Nigel (must tap dance)
Support (4m, 10f, 1m/f) All are speaking roles only
Big Issue Seller (m/f)
The Sins - seven females each with an appropriate vice; dancers
Boyfriends 1, 2 & 3 - 18-25, four shell-suited 'chavs' who are going out with Girls 1, 2 & 3
Aunt Edith
Chrisy's Friend
Chorus of commuters, tramps, film crew etc some of whom have very minor speaking roles.


  1) Welcome To Reality # Orchestra with Les, Dale & Dancers
  2) Working Solid Company
  3) All In A Spin (Solo) # Jim
  4) Fresh Beginning Lisa & Jim
  5) Early Morning # Peter & Billie
  6) Real Life Drama Ad Girls 1 & 2 (with Nigel)
  7) Me, Me, Me (Comic Version) Laura, Carly & Rach
  8) Easy Money Nick
  9) All In A Spin (Duet) Lisa & Jim
10) Early Morning (Reprise) Peter & Angela
11) If I Could Walk Through Time Peter & Company
~~ Interval ~~  
12) Entr'acte # Orchestra
13) Skyline # Billie
14) Choose It Bruce & Gospel Choir
15) What Should I Say # Billie
16) Sunrise Girl # Lisa, Billie & Angela
17) Love Lost # Angela
18) A Girl Like You Bill & Billie
19) Me, Me, Me (Dance Version) Laura, Carly & Rach
20) All In A Spin (Reprise) Lisa & Jim
21) Early Morning (Reprise) Peter
22) In Or Out Of Love Les & Dale, Company
23) Calls & Playout Orchestra

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