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The Reunion

by Ian Cook & Ian Newton

"Congratulations to the two Ians on a well scripted musical that delivered. It had the feel-good factor and the capacity audience loved it. "
Cheryl Barrett,
Sardines, April 2013
Musical Comedy: 'The Reunion' by Cook & Newton


The Reunion has been written specifically to appeal to amateur groups with a well-balanced cast and has potential for simple staging and costuming (although the premiere production by Waveney Light Opera Group was lavishly and excitingly staged. See this review by Cheryl Barrett).

Act One:
It’s the long hot summer of 1976 and the pupils in class 5D at Grangebourne Secondary Modern are arriving for their last week in school before leaving to follow their dreams into the adult world of work and reality.

Debbie hopes to study medicine after graduating at Cambridge; Susan dreams of being an actress; Harry, a professional footballer and Tom, is, well, just Tom a cheeky, kind and gentle young man whose dream of being an explorer is really just that. Tom admires his elder brother John, who has just been accepted into the Marines, and is the pride and joy of both Grangebourne School and the Green family.

On the night of the school leavers disco Tom discovers, that his brother’s careless behaviour whilst out celebrating, may seriously jeopardise his future. Without giving thought to the repercussions, Tom takes both the blame and consequences for John’s fatal mistake... a decision which has devastating and life changing consequences for himself and his ‘hoping to be’ girlfriend, Debbie.

Act Two:
At the beginning of the long, dark, cold, winter of 1999, some 23 years after our cast have left school to reap the rewards or otherwise of their youth, the ex-pupils are brought together at the funeral of their favourite and much loved form teacher.

This ignites nostalgia from the past and a desire to know where their friends have gone, and what life has brought them. Harry and Susan decide to organise a school reunion and set about bringing the class of 76 back together for an evening at the school to catch up. For some, life did indeed follow the path set down in their formative years, for others, though their aspirations to achieve were successful, are they happy?

And Tom and Debbie… what were the consequences for them following the events of that fateful night in 1976? Did they get to dance and build a life together, as was always expected by their peers?

The story features both laugh-out-loud scenes and heart-rending moments, with songs to match. The show features 19 musical numbers, 8 of which feature the entire company and a further 8 which involve smaller groups. The songs feature a mixture of harmony parts so there is plenty for the entire ensemble to get their teeth into.


Principals (4m, 4f)
  Debbie James - 16 (& 39), a quiet studious young girl, lacks confidence
  Tom Green - 16 (& 39), a cheeky likeable ‘heart of gold’ young man from a good working-class family.
  Harry Machin - 16 (& 39), a sporty working class lad, Tom’s best mate
  Susan Pye - 16 (& 39), brash, brassy and ‘in yer face’, working class background
  Dick Littleworth - 16 (& 39), a ‘mother’s boy’, the product of an over-protective parent, friends with Tom and Harry
  Laura Smith - 16 (& 39), a female version of Dick, friends with Susan and Debbie
  Mr Grey - 40s (& 60s), the school's Careers Officer, secretly dreams of being a dancer
  Miss Jolly - 30s (& 50s),the Domestic Science Teacher, a matronly spinster, obsessed with romance
Support (6m, 2f, 2m/f plus chorus)
  Mr (or Miss) Ogillvy – late 30s (& 50s), a traditional ‘old school’ Head Teacher
  Mr Powell - 30s (& 50s), the school's PE Teacher, thinks he is God’s gift to women
  Miss (or Mr) Davies – mid 40s, 5D's Form Teacher (appears in Act One only)
  Geoffrey Drain - a stereotypical School Caretaker, hates kids
  John Green - 18 (&41), the older brother of Tom
  Malcolm Simmons - 16 (& 39), a bully at school, returns as a fully fledged Catholic priest
  Steph Barber - 16 (& 39), a wannabee hairdresser, friendly with Debbie and Laura but mainly Susan’s friend
  Bob Watson - 16 (& 39), forever eating, his dad owns the local fish & chip shop, returns as a lot more healthy
  Margaret James – 35-45 (& 55-65), Debbie’s mother, a stereotypical housewife of the time
  Kenneth James – 40-50 (& 60-70), Debbie’s father, a social climber, lower middle class but aspires beyond this
  Chorus to suit the scenes, supplying cameo roles of: Tony the DJ (ages from 16 to 39); Gym Instructor (female aerobics teacher, very flexible and energetic); Priest; the 'other woman'; Waiter/Waitress; 2 x Police Officers; Tap-dancing Nuns (female ensemble act)


  1) Waiting For The Bell To Ring Company
  2) We're Gathered Here Company
  3) Next! Mr Grey, Tom, Susan, Harry & Debbie
  4) We Mean Nothing To You Debbie, Mr Grey & Pupils
  5) Next! (Reprise) Mr Grey & Pupils
  6) The Joys Of Baking Miss Jolly, Debbie & Pupils
  7) Fat Bob's Tom & Chorus
  8) Between Me And You Tom & Chorus
  9) Mister Right Laura, Susan, Debbie & Girls Chorus
10) Waiting Round The Corner School Staff & Chorus (with the Principal Pupils)
11) I'll Never Know Your Love Debbie
~~ Interval ~~  
12) Waiting For The Bell To Ring (Reprise) Priest & Chorus (with the Principal Pupils)
13) Take A Look At Us Now Harry, Susan & Chorus
14) Letters Home Tom, John & Debbie
15) The Body Beautiful Harry & Male Chorus
16) I'll Never Know Your Love (Reprise) Debbie & Tom
17) You Can Always Trust An Animal Dick, Laura & Chorus
18) Our Time Company
18) Waiting Round The Corner (Reprise) Company
19) Curtain Calls Company
20) Playout Orchestra

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