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Whisky Kisses

by Euan Martin, Dave Smith & James Bryce

"... genuinely classy and riotously good fun"
Robert Dawson Scott, The Times
"A clever and upbeat show"
Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman
"An unashamedly feelgood musical"
Neil Cooper, Herald
Musical Comedy: 'Whisky Kisses' by Martin, Smith & Boyce


Somewhere in the heart of a rolling Highland glen, one of the last family-owned distilleries is in trouble . . . Having inherited a mountain of debt from her father, Mary McGregor faces a stark choice. Either close the business - and threaten the livelihood of everyone in the village - or sell her one remaining asset: the very last bottle of an ancient, fabled, malt whisky... The Glenigma!

For Mary, closure isn’t an option. So reluctantly, she posts a notice online: The Glenigma is to be sold.

Electrified by the news, whisky fanatics from across the globe descend upon the distillery to compete in the planned auction, amongst them the two obsessive collectors who seem favourite to secure the prize: Ben Munro, a Wall Street wheeler-dealer, and Yomo Yomostushi, a Japanese industrialist.

But the soft Highland air has a strange effect on visitors. And The Glenigma isn't the only attraction in this beautiful, remote location. So perhaps it’s not so surprising that when the battle for the bottle begins, things don’t turn out quite as anyone expected . . .

A finalist in Sir Cameron Mackintosh’s ‘Highland Quest’ competition, this funny, romantic and exuberant Scottish musical gives you a taste of tartan and leaves a warm glow in your heart. Slàinte mhath!


Principals (6m, 2f)
  Mary McGregor - 30s, runs the village B&B, has inherited her father's distillery, warm, outgoing
  Lachie - 45-55, works at the distillery
  Duncan - 20-30, a villager
  Alice - 30ish, Australian, works at the B&B
  Ben - 40s, American, owner of a big company in New York, loves whisky and everything Scottish
  Jeff - 25-35, American, gay, Ben's PA
  Yomo - 40s, Japanese, works for his ailing father 
  Giles - 30-60, an official from the Malt Whisky Preservation Society
Support (3m, 2f, 2m/f plus chorus)
  Yomo Senior - owner of a big company in Japan, loves and collects whisky
  Rocco - a designer from Euro Totale Concept (Theme Parks)
  Joss - a designer from Euro Totale Concept (Theme Parks)
  Walter - the distillery's Book Keeper
  Moira - works at the B&B
  Roddy - the village taxi driver and cook at the B&B
  Jessie - works at the B&B
  Chorus, includes some named characters :
    Marjory, Trish, Graham, Bob, plus Male & Female Secretaries (NY), Air Hostess, Airport Security Guard


  1) Got To Have It Ben, Jeff & NY Secretaries
  2) Farewell To The Glens Ben, Jeff & NY Secretaries
  3) We Sold Life Mary, Dunc, Lachie & Villagers
  4) Satisfaction Guaranteed Moira, Alice, Roddie & Jessie (with Ben & Jeff)
  5) Breathing In Ben & Mary
  6) Precious Little Lachie, Ben & Villagers
  7) Serious Money Alice, Mary, Ben. Yomo, Lachie, Dunc & Villagers
  8) The Malt Whisky Man Song Giles, Principals & Villagers
  9) Change Can Sometimes Happen Mary, Alice, Dunc, Ben, Jeff & Villagers
~~ Interval ~~  
10) The Future Is Just A Head Of You Giles, Rocco, Joss & Villagers
11) The Road To Love Dunc, Jeff & Some Villagers
12) Fortune Wheel Jeff & Ben
13) Yomo’s Song Yomo (with Yomo Senior)
14) Fhir A' Bhata Mary & Some Villagers
15) Alcoholics Synonymous Company
16) The Moment Has Gone Mary
17) Spirit Of Living Company

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