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Jane Eyre

by Jay Richards

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Musical Theatre: 'Jane Eyre' by Jay Richards
“Jay Richards has the rare ability to write and direct theater that inspires and ennobles cast and audience alike. One leaves his productions with a soaring sense of hope and a heightened understanding of humanity”
Tirzah Anderson

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A new musical adaptation of Charlotte Brontë’s much loved novel.
The musical follows the story of Jane Eyre, an orphan of no consequence.

Musical Theatre: 'Jane Eyre' by Jay RichardsAbused by her own relations, (‘Somewhere’) Jane is eventually sent her away to Lowood School where her mistreatment and humiliation continue at the hands of the wicked schoolmaster, Mr Brocklehurst (‘Wicked Children). She finds sympathy and love in her friendships with Helen Burns, who dies tragically (‘Tomorrow In Heaven’) and Miss Temple (‘Gentle Shepherd’), a teacher at Lowood, who teaches Jane many important life lessons including forgiveness and hope. Though she excels and eventually becomes a teacher at the school, she is restless and seeks a new situation (‘Journey On, part one’). She boldly advertises, and becomes governess to a young girl - Adèle Varens, who is the ward the enigmatic Edward Rochester. Jane settles in at Thornfield and hears some guarded comments regarding strange noises in the house (‘Madness Up The Stairs’). Musical Theatre: 'Jane Eyre' by Jay RichardsSome months after arriving, Jane finally meets Mr Rochester, but nor before Mrs Fairfax, the Housekeeper has ensured that the house is thoroughly prepared for his return (‘The Master’s On His Way’). Though Jane is just eighteen years old, and he in his thirties, an undeniable attraction develops between the two of them, and Rochester reflects on the situation (‘This House’).

Musical Theatre: 'Jane Eyre' by Jay RichardsMeanwhile, Jane receives news that her Aunt Reed, with whom she lived unhappily as a child, is dying. Jane returns to Gateshead and learns from Aunt Reed on her deathbed that Jane has an uncle—John Eyre of Madiera—who wishes to adopt Jane. The letter is dated three years back, but was concealed by Aunt Reed because of her dislike for Jane. Jane finds the strength to forgive her. Aunt Reed dies and Jane returns to Thornfield, finally sure that she belongs there. Rochester introduces her to some of his acquaintances at a soireé (‘Le Papillon’), whilst below stairs, servants John and Sophie declare their love for each other (‘Simple Man’). After leading Jane to believe that he loves another, Rochester confesses his love for Jane and proposes. Jane doubts him, but finally accepts him (‘Finally Home’). Jane discovers at the wedding altar that he has a wife still living, though a lunatic. Bewildered and confused (‘What Kind Of Love’), Jane flees Thornfield in the night and is discovered cold and starving by the Rivers family—St. John, Diana, and Mary.

Musical Theatre: 'Jane Eyre' by Jay RichardsUnder the pseudonym Jane Elliot, Jane stays on with them. St. John, a minister, offers her a teaching position at the parish school, which she accepts gratefully. After a few short months, St. John hears of a search for a runaway governess by the name of Jane Eyre. He confronts Jane who confesses the alias. He informs her that her uncle has died leaving her £20,000. She is incredulous, and proposes to divide the inheritance with her newfound family. St. John tries to persuade her to marry him and accompany him to India when he intends to pursue missionary labors (‘Missionary Wife’). She refuses him - seeing in him a self-righteousness like that of Mr Brocklehurst. When it is clear that she is still in love with Edward Rochester, he scorns her. She can see that he knows more of Mr Rochester than he has disclosed, and presses him until he tells her the distressing news of a great fire at Thornfield Hall. He tries to convince her that Mr. Rochester cannot have survived. She returns to Thornfield to find Edward (whose mad wife perished in the blaze). Though he is blind and maimed, she declares her love and they are reunited (‘Journey On, finale’).


Principals (4m, 6f, 3jnr-f)
   Young Jane - an orphan (10)
   Mr Brocklehurst - a Lowood schoolmaster
   Helen Burns - Jane’s friend at Lowood (13)
   Miss Temple - a Lowood schoolteacher (30s)
   Jane Eyre - a young governess (18)
   Mrs Fairfax - the housekeeper at Thornfield Hall (50-60)
   Grace Poole - an older Thornfield servant
   Edward Rochester - the Master of Thornfield (mid-30s)
   Sophie - a Thornfield servant (20s)
   John Leaven - a Thornfield servant (20s)
   Adèle Varens - Mr Rochester’s young ward **
   Blanche Ingram - an accomplished young lady (late-20s)
   St John Rivers - a village Parson (30)
Support (1m, 3f)
   Mrs Reed - Jane’s widowed aunt
   Richard Mason - Bertha’s brother (mid-30s) **
   Mary Rivers - St John’s sister
   Diana Rivers - St John’s sister
Chorus & Cameo Parts (3m, 1jnr-m, 8f, 2jnr-f)
   John Reed - Young Jane’s male cousin (13-14)
   Georgianna Reed - Young Jane’s female cousin (12)
   Eliza Reed - Young Jane’s female cousin (10)
   Bessie - a Reed household servant
   Abbot - a Reed household servant (f)
   Miss Scatcherd - a severe Lowood schoolteacher **
   Amy Eshton - a young lady (mid-20s) **
   George Lynn - a young gentleman (mid-20s) **
   Mary Ingram - Blanche’s younger sister (mid-20s) **
   Colonel Dent - an older gentleman **
   Lady Ingram - Blanche’s mother (mid-40s) **
   Mr Wood - a Clergyman **
   Barbara - a Lowood servant **
   Bertha Mason - Rochester’s mad wife (30s) **
   A chorus/ensemble of Lowood pupils and Teachers, Parish schoolgirls, and Thornfield staff
      ** signifies a non-singing character
Doubling Possibilities:
   Mr Brocklehurst / Colonel Dent / Mr Wood
   Mrs Reed / Lady Ingram
   Lowood pupils / Parish schoolgirls
   Teachers / Thornfield Staff


  1) Overture Orchestra
  2) Somewhere Young Jane
  3) Wicked Children Brocklehurst, Reed Family, Bessie & Abbot (with Young Jane)
  4) Lowood School / Wicked Children Girls, Teachers & Brocklehurst
  5) Gentle Shepherd Miss Temple
  6) School Crossing Older Girls, Young Girls & Teachers
  7) Tomorrow In Heaven Helen & Young Jane
  8) Journey On (Part 1 and Part 2) Jane
  9) This House Rochester
10) Madness Up The Stairs Grace Poole & Chorus
11) The Master’s On His Way Mrs Fairfax & Chorus
12) Reconciled / Journey On Orchestra / Jane
~~ Interval ~~  
13) Entr’acte Orchestra
13) The Willow Rochester
14) Le Papillon Blanche
15) Madness (Reprise) Grace
16) Simple Man John & Sophie
17) Finally Home Jane & Rochester
18) What Kind Of Love Jane (with Mrs Fairfax & Sophie)
19) Missionary Wife St John, Diana & Mary
20) Home To Stay Orchestra / Rochester & Jane
21) Journey On (Finale) Jane, Rochester & Company
22) Bows, Encore & Exit Company
23) Playout Orchestra

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