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by Jon English and David Mackay

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Musical Theatre: ''Paris' a musical set in the Trojan Wars' by Chris Chambers & Andy Rapps‘Paris’ is an exciting new take on an age-old love story, set in and around the ten-year Trojan War - a war which has survived the centuries and left a legacy of phrases: ‘Helen of Troy’; ‘The face that launched a thousand ships’; ‘Achilles Heel’; ‘The Wooden Horse of Troy’. There are few who would not be familiar, at the very least, with these legendary figures and expressions of myth and fable that have been passed down through the ages. There have been many stories, almost as many movies … and seemingly endless variations. To some however, the legend of Troy is probably best known as that love story ... the story of Paris, the younger son of King Priam and Hecuba of Troy, and of his part in the Trojan war, and of the manipulation of the gods and the goddesses who cast him in that role, all told here through the ageless medium of music and song.

The facts of this most famous of myths (if the term ‘fact’ can indeed be applied in any way to a myth) have been 'played with' to suit the purpose of a stage adaptation. Under that ironclad umbrella of ‘poetic license’, some of the major characters have been relegated to more minor roles, and for simplicity’s sake, the inclusion of some of the relevant gods has been left 'on the cutting room floor'. The classic love story itself has also been treated to a few twists and turns along the way, and the fact that Paris was killed on the battlefields before the fall of Troy has been ignored in favour of a more continuous interpretation.

Interspersed within the love story exists the theme of the divine balance between passion and order, law and chaos, or perhaps, between the head and the heart. Each character is flawed by his or her own imbalance between these two forces – represented by Athena, the Goddess of wisdom and war, and Aphrodite, the Goddess of love and passion. ‘Paris’ gives us the opportunity to explore the darker side of love, its obsessiveness and all consuming passion, regardless of the consequences. Its simplicity of theme merely reflects the strength of its content throughout the ages, its songs pay tribute to the mythical elements that legend tells us gave birth to this most famous of all wars. It is a ‘golden apple’ to Paris and Helen’s ‘immortal and incommensurable love’…

Ancient Greek mythology, while timelessly fascinating, is not always accessible to a modern audience, but this version of ‘Paris’, with its rock soundtrack, and epic narrative of the Trojan War is irresistible – engaging and exciting the audience throughout, and leaving heaving chests and racing hearts as it draws to its tragic conclusion. Bursting with energy from the outset, 'Paris' leads the audience through the euphoric highs and devastating lows of Homer’s Iliad, charting the intricate personal and political manoeuvres of the Greek and Trojan kingdoms, as seen through the eyes of Paris, the youngest Prince of Troy.


Principals (3m, 4f)
  Paris -youngest son of Priam, Prince of Troy
  Helen - wife of Menelaus, Queen of Sparta
  Cassandra - Princess of Troy, and prophetess, doomed to see all her prophetic warnings ignored
  Hector - second in line to the Trojan throne, warrior and master of the Trojan defences
  Achilles - Prince of the Myrimidons of Pythia in Thessaly, the strongest warrior in the known world, has a fatal flaw.
  Menelaus King of Sparta, husband of Helen
  Agamemnon - elder brother of Menelaus, King of Mycenae, Commander-In-Chief of the Greek forces at Troy
  Ulysses - King of Ithaca, intelligent and brave, also blessed and cursed
  Patroclus - confidant and only true friend of Achilles
  Priam - King of Troy, father of Paris, Hector and Cassandra, husband of Hecuba
  Aeneas - Trojan noble and sea captain, second-in-command to Hector
  Laocoen - High Priest of Troy, the only one who listens to Cassandra
  Hecuba - wife of Priam, mother of Paris, Hector and Cassandra
Support (3m, 1f, 2jnr-m, 1jnr-f, plus chorus)
  Handmaiden - Helen's personal slave
  Fisherman - Old friend and confidant to Helen
  Sinon - Inept, ‘press-ganged’ volunteer, Greek soldier
  Thersites - a reluctant, bumbling and inebriated Greek soldier
  Talthybius – another reluctant, bumbling and inebriated Greek soldier
   Well Wishers
   Citizens (various)
   Sailors & Ships Crew (various)
   Palace Guards
   Trojan Crowd


  1) Overture  
  2) Chorale  
  3) A Head Without A Heart  
  4) Kiss The Boy / Straight ahead  
  5) What Could Go Wrong  
  6) Perfect Stranger  
  7) A Long Time Coming  
  7a) Far Too Many Kings  
  9) Business  
10) Leader Of Men  
11) Paris In Court  
12) Any Fool Could See  
13) The Cliffs  
13a) Thief In The Night  
14) Thoughts Of Love  
15) Trust In Your Heart  
17) Welcome Home (Parts 1 & 2)  
18) Hell Or High Water  
~~ Interval ~~  
19) No Turning Back  
20) For Better Or Worse  
21) Menelaus’s Lament  
24) What Price A Friend  
25) Now I Truly Know  
26) Battle Lines  
27) Love Has Power  
28) Two Titans  
28a) A Royal Trojan Son  
29) The Beggar  
30) Ulysses’ Prayer  
31) The Horse With No Rider  
32) Inside Outside  
33) The Balance Shifts
34) Oh, Paris  
35) Finale  

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