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by Ian Hammond Brown

Musical Theatre Drama: 'Carnegie' by Ian Hammond Brown


Set in the last few hours of Andrew Carnegie’s life, Peterson, the embodiment of St Peter, brings John, a steelworker killed in the infamous Carnegie Steel Homestead steel plant dispute of 1892, back from the afterlife to help him hear the story of Carnegie’s life and to ultimately decide on Carnegie’s eternal fate.
Carnegie tells Peterson his story from being a young man in Dunfermline, through his journey to America, then his early life in Pittsburgh and finally to the ruthless deals, the intrigue and loves and losses on the journey which lead to him becoming the richest man in the world when he sold his steel empire to JP Morgan in 1901 for $480 million.
As the musical progresses it reveals how Carnegie came to understand that someone with so much wealth and power is ultimately only its custodian for future generations and he draws the conclusion that, through strategic philanthropy, he must give his money away for the good of mankind and he then strives to do this before he dies. His famous quote ‘The man who dies thus rich, dies disgraced’ is the inspiration for modern philanthropists such as Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. In the end John the steelworker must decide if Carnegie should go to Heaven or Hell, and if he can forgive Carnegie for causing his death.
Carnegie’s legacy lives on to this day through the likes of The Carnegie UK Trust, The Carnegie Hero Fund and the Carnegie Corporation of New York which today still support many good causes, together with scientific and academic research throughout the world, as well as his ultimate goal that came to him towards the end of his life, of world peace for all time.
Written by Ian Hammond Brown, the composer and lyricist of ‘Whisky Galore: a Musical!’, ‘Carnegie - The Star Spangled Scotchman’ premiered at the Edinburgh fringe in 2016. With a cast of 20 characters plus an ensemble of 10 or more and a score written for a 6 piece band, it’s an ideal new show for an amateur company to undertake. It’s a great rags to riches tale of a universal story which everyone can relate to, showing that: ‘Anyone can be, in life, what they choose to be’.


Principals (3m, 2f)

  • Andrew Carnegie – The famous Industrialist/ Entrepreneur
  • Peterson – An embodiment of St Peter
  • John – A Steelworker and deceased former employee of Carnegie
  • Louise – Andrew Carnegie’s Wife
  • Mrs Margaret Carnegie – Andrew Carnegie’s Mother

 Support (3m, 3f)

  • Mrs Whitfield – Louise’s Mother
  • Mary – John’s wife
  • Henry Clay Frick – Carnegie’s closest business partner
  • Rudyard Kipling – A Famous Writer and Friend of Carnegie
  • Mrs Kipling - Rudyard Kipling’s Wife
  • Phillip Burne-Jones – An Artist and cousin of Kipling

 Together with an Ensemble of Men and Women providing these other (9m) cameo roles:

  • William Carnegie – Andrew Carnegie’s Father
  • Uncle Thomas Morrison – Andrew Carnegie’s Uncle
  • Hunt – Landowner of Pittencrief Park
  • Frank – Carnegie’s Assistant
  • Soldier – A young wounded American Civil War soldier
  • Thomas Scott – Carnegie’s Mentor
  • Chairman – The Chairman of The Board of Carnegie Steel
  • Phipps – Frick’s Business Associate
  • Charles Schwab – Carnegie’s Protégé

N.B. A small cast production could consist of 12 actors:-

Principals: Carnegie, Mrs Carnegie, Louise, Peterson, John

Other roles: the other seven actors could play all these roles as required:

  • Frick   - Also plays the role of Hunt
  • Ensemble 1 – William Carnegie, Phillip Burne Jones, Phipps, Steel Wkr, JP Morgan
  • Ensemble 2 – Morrison, Thomas Scott, Chairman, Frank, Rudyard Kipling, Steel Worker
  • Ensemble 3 – Charles Schwab, Soldier, Servant, Steel Worker
  • Ensemble 4 – Mrs Whitfield, Kipling’s Wife, Secretary, Washer Woman 2
  • Ensemble 5 – Mary, Maid
  • Ensemble 6 – Washer Woman 1, Clerk


  1) Somewhere In The Heart Of Man
Carnegie, Steelworkers x 2, & Ensemble
  2) Those Were The Days Carnegie & Ensemble
  3) Going To America  Mrs Carnegie & Ensemble
  4) Sarsparilla Carnegie, John & Ensemble
  5) Another Life Carnegie
  6) A Sense Of Adventure Steelworkers & John
  7) Henry Clay Frick John, Frick & Ensemble
  8) Together Louise & Carnegie
  9) Fallen Mrs Carnegie, Mrs Whitfield, Louise & Carnegie
10) Could It Be Love John & Mary
11) The Battle For Homestead John & Ensemble
~~ Interval ~~  
12) The Battle For Homestead (Short Reprise) Newspaper Seller
13) Slipping Away Mrs Carngie
14) Shine Louise & Carnegie
15) Maybe I Should Have Done More Carnegie
16) All Is Well Carnegie
17) A Condition, Not A Theory Kipling & Jones
18) I Was Born An American Frick
19) The Decision Carnegie
20) The Gospel Of Wealth Mary & Mrs Whitfield
21) Where Did My Dream Go? Carnegie
22) Something In The Heart Of Man (Reprise) Carnegie
23) Follow Your Heart / Finale Carnegie & Company

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