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Do Or Die

by Craig Christie and Andrew Paterson

"Grease meets Rent in an eclectic mix that covers gospel
to solo ballad to energising pop/funk"

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Musical Theatre: 'Do Or Die' by Christie & PatersonTraditional school heroes at a high school – the football team – have been struggling to find the form that saw them as County champions five years ago. Now with Matt at the helm, baby brother of the great Cameron Clifford who captained the school team in its glory days, it looks as if the tide has finally turned.

However the past few years has seen the emergence of one of the greatest girls’ hockey teams in the history of school competition. Under the dynamic leadership of Kelly Patterson they stand poised to win glory for themselves and the school.

When the school leases their sports field to the local council for three evenings a week, what ensues is a conflict of interests as the hockey team and the football team battle it out for access to the sports field to train for the remaining two days.

This battle eventually draws in the entire school community, causing havoc with the personal lives of Kelly and Matt, their best friends Sam and Johnno, and the members of the opposing teams. At the heart of the conflict are the football mad Physical Education teacher, Mr Richardson, and the new teacher at the school, Mr Webster, who sides with the hockey girls, while the hapless principal Mrs Hamilton presides over the entire scenario.

To complicate matters Kelly is chasing a University scholarship to further her sporting ambitions while Matt searches for the heart to champion his team when he has other priorities. Sam wants Johnno who wants Sam – but there was that girl at the party last Saturday night! That kid Stuart Woolley always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. And everyone has to try and make sense of their relationships with each other, their friends, and their lives. Only one thing is for certain, they all want to win, and when it comes to winning … it’s ‘Do Or Die’.

‘Do Or Die’ was first performed by the students of Billanook College, Melbourne, Australia in 1999 during Craig Christie’s engagement as artist in residence at the school.


Principals (5m, 4f)
Kelly Patterson - Captain of the Hockey Team
Sam Woods - Kelly's friend
Matthew Clifford - Reluctant Captain of the Football Team
Mikey - Matt's friend
Mrs Hamilton - the School's Headteacher
Mr Richardson - the Sports Teacher
Mr Webster - a new teacher
Stuart Woolley - the school troublemaker
Female Soloist - sings the Finale number, no dialogue
Support (5m, 5f)
Melissa, Michelle & Nicole - Girls at the school
Jim, Mick & Woodsy - Boys at the school
Mr and Mrs Patterson - Kelly’s parents
Mr and Mrs Clifford - Matt’s parents
Chorus & Dance Team of various other students and friends etc. Several members of the Chorus sing one or two solo lines.
NOTE : Doubling is possible of the two Dads and the two Mums.


  1) Overture Instrumental
  2) Five Days ('Til The Weekend) Company
  3) This Is Football Mr Richardson
  4) Do Or Die The Girls
  5) Inconsequential Stuart Woolley
  6) As If Sam
  7) Always Up To Me Mrs Hamilton
  8 Do Or Die (Reprise) The Students
  9) The Match Instrumental
10) Playout Instrumental
~~ Interval ~~  
11) What's Gonna Happen (On The Weekend) The Students
12) Wasting Time The Staff
13) Changes Kelly & Girls
14) You Call This A Party? The Students
15) Who Do You Think You're Fooling? Mikey & Boys
16) Just Talking Matt & Kelly
17) Finale (What It Takes) Company
18) Curtain Calls Company
19) Playout Instrumental

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