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Edith & Simone

by Ronny Verheyen

Musical Theatre Drama: 'Edith & Simone' by Ronny Verheyen
NOTE: this video is from a Belgian production;
dialogue spoken in Dutch, songs sung in French


Everybody knows the French singer Edith Piaf. Few people however, know that she had a half-sister who played an important part in her life. To simply tell Edith’s biography, no matter how dramatic her life was, would be a repetition of earlier plays and films about the life of Piaf. It becomes a different story when that life is seen through the eyes of Simone.

This musical is the story of Simone. What it means for her to live in the shadow of the icon that is Edith Piaf; how to endure her tempers, to depend on her, emotionally as well as financially. All this combined with the strong conviction that with just a little bit of luck it is Simone that could have been in Edith’s place. Where does she now draw the line between naked self-interest and all the sacrifices she has to make? Where does love end and hate start? Or, as in many relationships, has envy blinded reality?

The play starts as a life-telling story, which is close to “La Vie En Rose”, but gradually turns into a tense confrontation between two strong characters. This confrontation is built on facts which sometimes bring a surprising new understanding of Piaf’s history that we thought we all knew. But historical facts are only those events that can be connected to a fixed date or time. For the rest, all that happened in the past is an inextricable knot of causes and effects, a twilight zone that has been kept together by memory and interpretation. Such an interpretation is ‘Edith & Simone’.

‘Edith & Simone’ contains 18 songs, some made famous by Piaf and some contemporary French pieces, together with a number of mood-setting pieces of underscore in a similar vein. Band parts are available for a 3 piece orchestra consisting of: Piano, Bass and Accordion.


(5m, 6f, 1f-jnr)

  • Edith Piaf : mezzo soprano, playing the character from her mid-teens until her mid-forties
  • Simone Berteaut : mezzo soprano, two years younger than Edith. (If the actress playing Simone cannot sing, an alternative approach is provided).

There are many cameo speaking roles that can be doubled if required. The list below shows the minimum number of male and female actors required, together with their preferred age and physical characteristics of those actors. The character names in bold type have moderate to significant amounts of dialogue. Young Edith and Man 5 sing one song each. 

  • Man 1 (25-30, tall, thin) : Man in opening scene  / Waiter / Guest at Cabaret Gerny / Yves Montand / Reporter 1 / Passenger at Airport / Visitor at Coney Island / Theo Sarapo
  • Man 2: (25-30, short or small) : Petit Louis / Newspaper Boy / Paul Meurisse / Man at Mobilisation / Man at Liberation / Reporter 2 / Passenger at Airport / Visitor at Coney Island / Charles Aznavour
  • Man 3: (40-45, corpulent, stout build) : Man in opening scene / Louis Leplée / Presenter at ABC, Concert Pacra & Moulin Rouge / Man at Mobilisation / Man at Liberation / Lou Barrier / Passenger at Airport / Visitor at Coney Island / Doctor 3
  • Man 4: (30-35, athletic build) : Man in opening scene / Georges Le Spahi / Man at Mobilisation / Man at Liberation / Marcel Cerdan / Visitor at Coney Island / Doctor 1
  • Man 5: (35-40, well built, able to sing) : Papa Louis / Edith’s ‘Client’ / Guest at Cabaret Gerny / Raymond Asso / Man at Mobilisation / Man at Liberation / Passenger at Airport / Clown at Coney Island / Stage Manager / Doctor 2

  • Girl: (8-10, thin build) : Young Edith / Girl at Mobilisation / Girl at Liberation / Passenger at Airport / Visitor at Coney Island
  • Woman 1: (25-35) : Nurse - Yvonne Chevalier / Newspaper Girl / Woman at Mobilisation / Woman at Liberation / Passenger at Airport / Visitor at Coney Island / Call-Girl
  • Woman 2: (25-35) : Woman in opening scene / Guest at Cabaret Gerny / Newspaper Girl / Woman at Mobilisation / Andrée Bigeard / Woman at Liberation / Passenger at Airport / Visitor at Coney Island / Call-Girl / Nurse 1
  • Woman 3: (25-35, able to play the piano) : Woman in opening scene / Guest at Cabaret Gerny / Woman at Mobilisation / Woman at Liberation / Passenger at Airport / Visitor at Coney Island / Marguerite Monnot / Nurse 2
  • Woman 4: (25-35) : Woman in opening scene / Guest at Cabaret Gerny / Woman at Mobilisation / Woman at Liberation / Passenger at Airport / Visitor at Coney Island / Call-girl / Nurse 3


  1) Padam (Part)
  2) C'est L'Amour Edith
  3) Les Mômes De La Cloche  Young Edith, then Edith
  4) Mon Légionnaire Simone (Optional)
  5) Mon Apéro Edith
  6) L'Accordéoniste Edith
  7) Boulevard De La Crime Instrumental Underscore
  8) Padam Edith (and Simone)
  9) Le Fanion De La Légion Edith
10) Romantic Piano Tune Instrumental Underscore
11) Sous Le Ciel De Paris Edith
12) Bal Dans Ma Rue Edith
13) La Gualante De Pauvre Jean Instrumental Underscore
14) Mon Dieu Edith
~~ Interval ~~  
15) Hymne À L'Amour Edith
16) Bravo Pour Le Clown The Clown and Ensemble
17) La Vie En Rose Edith
18) Parlez Moi D’Amour Edith
19) In The Mood Instrumental Underscore (by Woman 3)
20) La Foule Edith
21) Milord Edith
22) Les Blouses Blanches Instrumental Underscore
23) C'est L'Amour Edith
24) Non, Rien De Rien Edith

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