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by Chris Burgess & Denise Wright

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An ambitious large-scale show set in the present day but in the backwaters of Ireland, and although contemporary it has strong links with an ancient past. The Irish-American score is lyrical and passionately rhythmic.


"She came to Ireland for a quiet life. But that’s the last thing she got..."


'Emerald' an Irish American musical


Grace abandons her life in Manhattan and moves to the secluded seaside town of Ennismuck in the West of Ireland.  However, as soon as she arrives  she clashes with a mining corporation buying  up properties and decimating the land.

Grace campaigns to save Ennismuck, and starts a prickly relationship with truculent local artist, Mulcahy. Both ventures prove to be perilous.  But with the help of Theo, her newly-found Irish grandfather, Grace manages to topple the mining company's monopoly, and, eventually, thaw Mulcahy’s frozen heart.  By the end of the story she has arrived at a place she can truly call home. ‘Emerald’ is about the search for home.

'Emerald' was originally entitled 'Death And Plenty', after the novel by Brian Leyden. Nurtured through the first draft by Artistic Director, John Sparks at Theatre Building Chicago, the show had its first reading in 2007 as part of the theatre's 30th anniversary season. A dramaturg of new musicals, John Sparks' original feedback was integral to the rewrite that followed.  In 2008, the show (now entitled 'Killala Bay') was selected by The Village Theatre, Seattle, as part of their new musicals programme. 

Following further rewrites with Martin Charnin, the show (now entitled 'Emerald') won a major prize in the ANMT 2009 Search for New Musicals. 'Emerald' received further development in LA in the spring of 2010, leading to winning the 2011 Search for New Musicals PrizeIt then received a concert reading at The Lonny Chapman Theatre in North Hollywood in Feb 2012.

It won the S&S Award in 2012, had some further London-based development in September 2012 with director Nikolai Foster and Tony award-winning Musical Director, Sarah Travis, and was showcased in the 2013 season of Katy Lipson's 'From Page To Stage' with Claire Sweeney, Helena Blackman and Glenn Carter, again directed by Nikolai Foster.


Principals (4m, 4f)
  Grace O’Shea - a spirited New Yorker in her thirties, who longs to find a real home in Killala Bay (mezzo soprano)
  Mulcahy - a truculent Irish artist in his forties whose life is gradually changed by the appearance of Grace in his life (baritone)
  Oliver - in his thirties, hopeless at love and at most other things; he is Mulcahy’s assistant and co-worker, and an all-round odd job man (tenor)
  Sally - becomes Grace’s friend, in her thirties, barmaid at Tuttle’s bar; also the long-suffering girlfriend of Oliver (soprano)
  Tuttle - a highly strung bluebottle of a man; the corrupt Town Mayor, with dangerous ties to the mining company (baritone with falsetto)
  Theo - a very elderly craftsman and beloved mentor of Mulcahy; terminally ill and virtually blind (baritone)
  Dina Harcourt - English, high status, superficial charm but hard as nails , Head of Harcourt Enterprises, (mezzo)
  Molly - loud, older woman, Oliver’s formidable mother, plain speaking, a force to be reckoned with (alto)
Support (3m, 5f  plus ensemble supplying 1m, 1f cameo parts)
  Tom - local activist against the mining company (tenor)
  Tara - a rather tarty middle-aged woman (mezzo)
  Rita - kind hearted and sweet (soprano)
  Muldoon - a grouchy fellow (baritone)
  Maeve - runs the local fuel store, a bit on the slow side (voice range tba)
  Davey - the local grocer (and undertaker); has a glad eye for Sally (tenor)
  Lucy & Linda - two ‘ne’er-do-well’ townsfolk, dressed like bag-ladies (voice ranges tba)


  1) Gold! / This Place Harcourt & Chorus / Theo
  2) My Welcome    Grace & Mulcahy
  3) Beautiful Grace, Oliver, Mulcahy & Theo
  4) Hopeless Sally & Oliver
  5) What A Fool Grace
  6) Barn Dance Instrumental
  7) Legend Of The Black Pig Mulcahy, Theo & Company
  8) Barn Dance (Underscore Reprise) Instrumental
  9) You Walk In Here Mulcahy, Grace & Theo
10) Sixty Years Ago Theo & Grace
11) Home Theo, Grace, Harcourt, Tuttle, Sally, Oliver, Mulcahy & Company
~~ Interval ~~  
12) It's A Pig Tuttle, Harcourt, Molly, Lucy, Linda, Davey, Mikey, Theo & Muldoon
13) This Town From Yesterday Grace, Theo & Company
14) Losing Myself Mulcahy
15) Damn Her! Tuttle & Harcourt
16) Dead Of Night Theo & Grace
17) Wake! Company
18) A Patch Of Land Sally & Oliver
19) There's A Byelaw Tuttle, Lucy & Linda
20) I Never Wanted To Want You Mulcahy & Grace
21) Here We Come Ensemble
22) Finale Company

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