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Rock Apocalypse

by Simon Haynes & Adrian Cross

Musical Fantasy Comedy: 'Rock Apocalypse' by Haynes & Cross
"... absolutely brilliant!"
Steve Diamond , Producer of 'The Rocky Horror Show'
"... by far the best rock 'n roll musical I have ever read.
The music is brilliant ... stonking!"
Robert Murray , Director

Please Note : This musical is only available from us to customers in UK and Europe.
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Musical Fantasy Comedy: 'Rock Apocalypse' by Haynes & CrossRock Apocalypse is rock 'n roll party show which is a parody and tongue-in-cheek tribute to horror and sci-fi B-movies from the 1950’s to the present day. The music is rock 'n roll, blues, gospel, rock and anthem-based. And it is very funny. Though Rock Apocalyse is intended to be strictly for pleasure, it is also a sharp satire of our mass-media driven culture where our thoughts, emotions, and perceptions are constantly altered by the barrage of ‘advice’ from advertising, film and TV.

During a prologue, we hear of the death of 1950’s rock 'n roll icon Ricky Valiant. But we soon learn that Ricky has not died instead he has set up an evil laboratory called the Somafree Institute where he is plotting to take over the world. He lures unsuspecting victims into the laboratory, where they undergo an operation called the Brain Drain that turns them into zombie like creatures - the Deadheads.

We meet Dawn and Ash, who are having marital problems. They are referred to the Institute by their therapist, Dr Cronenburg. Inside the clinic there are some really weird staff. They include Dr Enema, and Tiffany (a sexy nurse). The couple are separated and Tiffany immediately tries to seduce Ash, without success. Dawn is brain-drained and immediately becomes obsessed with Ricky Valiant. Ash is taken to meet Ricky. In a blaze of OTT rock 'n roll he reveals his evil plan. In a few days an orbiting group of satellites will broadcast his comeback concert all over the world, interrupting all TV programming. He has inserted a mind control signal into the programme so anyone watching will become obsessed with him and will be turned into Deadheads - allowing him to rule the world. Ash fights but is restrained and is made into a Deadhead.

Musical Fantasy Comedy: 'Rock Apocalypse' by Haynes & CrossThe FBI infiltrates the Institute in a bid to save the planet. Tiffany sings of her love for Ash and manages to reverse his brain drain process after seducing Dr Enema. Valient’s broadcast supported by his new ‘bride’ Dawn begins. All hell breaks loose in the fight that follows involving Deadheads, Ash and FBI agents - all filled with OTT sight gags, comic book violence and rock 'n roll. Ash interrupts Valient’s concert but is overpowered and the countdown to armaggeddon begins. Will the planet be saved? Is there any hope for Ash and Dawn’s marriage?

With 14 original songs fully scored for a 12 piece band, a vocal and piano score with ballads and huge rock 'n roll and dance numbers, Rock Apocalypse is a show that appeals will blow your mind away - if the Institute staff don't brain-drain you first!


Principals (6m, 3f, 1m/f) * denotes a singing role
  Ricky Valiant * – a megalomaniac ex-rock 'n roll superstar
  Ash Raimi * – a hero
  Dawn Raimi * – a heroine
  Dr Barium Enema * – a deranged neurosurgeon (male)
  Dr Barada * – a sadistic neurosurgeon (female)
  Tiffany * – a nurse with a problem (female)
  Klaatu * – a systems design analyst (male)
  Criswell – a narrator (male)
  Secretary – a secretary with a mission (male)
  Dr Cronenberg – a therapist (either sex)
Support (1m, 4m/f)
  Bub – a friendly male Deadhead, age 50-60
  Nikto – an unfriendly Deadhead (either sex)
  Agents 1, 2 & 3 (either sex)
  Voice of Computer (recorded)
  Chorus :
    Deadheads (rock ‘n roll dependent morons)
    Gospel Singers
    Agents (FBI Agents)


  1) Overture The Band
  2) Rock ‘N Rolled Apart Ash, Dawn & Deadheads
  3) Nightmare Ash, Dawn & Gospel Singers (with Cronenberg)
  4) Welcome To The Clinic Enema, Tiffany, Barada & Klaatu
  5) Psychiatry Ash, Dawn, Enema & Barada
  6) I Miss You Dawn & Ash
  7) I Got The Hots Tiffany & Deadheads
  8) Brain Drain Enema (with Dawn, Barada, Klaatu & Deadheads)
  9) Ruler Of The World Ricky (with Ash, Dawn, Barada, Enema, Klaatu & Deadheads)
10) The Good Times Rolled Away Ricky
11) Dynamite Ricky (with Ash, Barada, Enema, Klaatu & Deadheads)
~~ Interval ~~  
12) Entr’acte The Band
13) Bad Girl Tiffany
14) Freak Out Guitar Instrumental (played by Ricky)
15) Bad Girl (Reprise) Tiffany
16) Broadcastin’ Live Ricky (with Barada & Deadheads)
17) Megalomaniac Ricky
18) Brain Drain (Reprise) Ricky (with Dawn, Enema & some Deadheads)
19) New American Heroes Ash, Dawn & Tiffany
20) I Miss You (Reprise) Tiffany
21) Curtain Calls / Playout The Band

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Please Note : This musical is only available from us to customers in UK and Europe.
If you are outside this area, please go to David Spicer Productions

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