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What's New Pussycat?

by Judith Prior

Please Note : This musical is only available from us to customers in UK and Europe.
If you are outside this area, please go to David Spicer Productions


A sparkling new comedic musical for schools and youth groups
based on the classic story of 'Puss In Boots'
... with great rock and pop songs added.

Jukebox Musical 'What's New Pussycat?' by Judith Prior

The gutsy opening number, with chorus ('Workin’ For the Man') introduces the oldest of three brothers, Tom Miller, newly in charge of the family mill because of their father’s recent demise. The younger brothers Simon and Harry quickly learn that Tom’s selfish plans for the future do not include them. Tom begrudgingly gives his two brothers ten pounds each and tells them to fend for themselves.

Youngest brother, Simon, who is not the sharpest tack in the pack, is delighted with his ten quid and sets off to find his fortune. Harry, the middle brother, opts to take care of Puss, the Miller’s cat, because Tom is too mean to look after a cat. Harry loves animals and his father, the old Miller, always said that Puss was a very special cat. Just how special becomes apparent to Harry when Puss casually strikes up a conversation with him…. A talking cat? Why not?

Puss makes a bargain with Harry promising to make him very rich, provided that Harry promises to do everything Puss tells him to do. ('I Wanna Be a Billionaire') To achieve Puss’s ambitious plan, Harry will have to buy Puss some boots and a very grand hat, with a feather. ('Material Girl')

Harry takes Puss to a thrift shop for her outfit. Here they meet three delightful old widows, Doris, Dora and Daphne. The three eccentric old girls assume that Harry and Puss are a couple. Puss confides that she is a very much a single lady and the scene becomes an hilarious musical number with the three old ladies, Puss and the chorus, all doing the great energetic Beyoncé choreography to 'Single Ladies'.

Eventually Puss is suitably outfitted with boots and a hat, also a large purse which she purchases with their last fifty pence. Unfortunately the purse belongs to one of the old ladies, and was sold by mistake. After much confusion the old dears Dora, Doris and Daisy, set out after Puss and Harry to find them and reclaim the lost purse.

Puss informs Harry that they must cross the Great Sandy Desert and meet the King, in order for his great riches to materialise. Unbeknown to Harry, Puss plans to outwit the wealthy old Witch Winifred and gain possession of her castle and fortune for Harry. Their hilarious, melodious, adventures, while crossing the desert and outwitting the wicked witch, include meetings with a dancing camel, a singing Troll, the Witch Winifred of course, and various other amazing characters, who eventually lead them to another kingdom, where Harry meets his Princess.

Puss manages to banish the witch and convince the King that Harry is indeed The Marquis of Carabas, owner of a fabulous fortune and amazing castle. How they manage to do this is as implausible as it is comical ... but isn’t that what fantasy is all about?

Although inspired in part by the story of 'Puss in Boots' which was written some time during the sixteenth century by French author, Charles Perrault, 'What’s New Pussycat?' holds no hidden morals or messages. The piece is simply a light-hearted fun musical for a large mixed cast of young people. The show embraces an eclectic collection of great pop and rock songs drawn from the rock era of the 50's & 60's through to today’s hit parade, that the cast and audience will identify with and enjoy.

Over twenty speaking parts, with some doubling possible. Simple sets and costumes make the piece ideally suitable for a Primary or High School Production or for a Youth Theatre.


Principals (5m, 7f, 2m/f)
  Puss - pantomime cat (f)
  Harry - teenage boy (m)
  Doris - an old lady from a thrift shop (f)
  Dora - another old lady from a thrift shop (f)
  Daisy - yet another old lady from a thrift shop (f)
  Troll - a singing troll (could double with Tom) (m)
  Witch Winifred (f)
  King - (could double with Simon) (m)
  Queen (f)
  Princess (f)
  Tom - Harry's older brother (m)
  Simon - Harry's younger brother (m)
  Palace Guard 1 (m/f)
  Palace Guard 2 (m/f)
Support (5f, 6m/f)
  Lady (f)
  Villagers 1, 2 and 3 (m/f)
  Girls 1 and 2 (f)
  Doctor (m/f)
  Nurse (m/f)
  Maids 1 and 2 (f)
  Camel (m/f)
Chorus :
  Singers and dancers (as many as possible), villagers etc


  1) Workin’ For the Man [Roy Orbison] Chorus
  2) I Want to be a Billionaire [Bruno Mars] Harry & Puss
  3) Material Girl [Madonna] Dora, Daisy, Doris & Puss (with optional Chorus)
  4) Single Ladies [Beyoncé] Chorus (with Dora, Daisy, Doris & Puss)
  5) Walk Right In [The Rooftop Singers] Puss & Troll
  6) Hey Baby [DJ Otzi] Troll & Chorus (with Puss)
  7) One Way or Another [Blondie] Witch Winifred
  8) Can Can (Chase) Instrumental
  9) These Boots Are Made For Walking [Nancy Sinatra] Harry, Doris, Dora, Daisy & Chorus
~~ Interval ~~  
10) We’re Not Gonna Take It [Twisted Sister] Chorus
11) Simple Simon Says [1910 Fruitgum Company] Simon & Chorus (with Tom)
12) Shop Around [Captain and Tennille] Princess & Maids (with optional Chorus)
13) I Feel Good [James Brown] Harry (with optional Chorus)
14) Reprise, Shop Around [Captain and Tennille] Queen & Princess (with optional Maids & Chorus)
15) Ballin’ The Jack [Brenda Lee] Puss (with Camel and optional Chorus)
16) What’s New Pussycat? [Tom Jones] Troll & Puss
17) Congratulations [Cliff Richard] Harry, Princess & Company

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Please Note : This musical is only available from us to customers in UK and Europe.
If you are outside this area, please go to David Spicer Productions

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