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by John Reynolds and Shade Smith

Please Note : This musical is not available from us to customers in New Zealand.
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'Starblaze' - a young cast musicalStarblaze is a contemporary rock musical designed for today’s school students. It is a fantasy set in the future, consequently costuming and scenery can be designed in a variety of styles on a simple or elaborate scale depending on available resources. Similarly, although it can be staged with a relatively small cast, it is possible to considerably expand the cast numbers.

It tells the story of a group of female freedom fighters on board the spaceship ‘Vigilant’. After a space battle they capture the evil dictator Odium and his Heavies. However, with the assistance of the traitorous genius Dr Sneech, Odium captures the ship and forces it to land on the Planet Zodark. All the pirates are taken under guard to Zodark City except Sandy, the daughter of the Captain who manages to escape. Alone and frightened in the outlands of Zodark she meets a young Zodark called Astro and after an initial period of mutual suspicion, the two become friends. However they are quickly captured by a band of roaming monsters called the Horriffs whose personal appearance is so repulsive that for years they have struck fear into all Zodarks. But it transpires that they are in fact ‘misunderstood monsters’ who simply want to be friendly to everyone.

Back in Zodark City, Odium is preparing to execute the pirates. When the Zodark leader protests, he too is condemned to die. Just as the Heavies are raising their weapons, the Horriffs, led by Sandy and Astro burst in, overcome the Heavies and capture Odium, whereupon peace and harmony is restored.

Each of the major groups in the story is designed specifically to appeal to school pupils. The main group, the Space Pirates, creates the opportunity for girls to play a female role in which singing and dancing is combined with drama on a group or individual scale. Similarly the Zodarks (the star people) appeal to girls who prefer a gentler role. The role of the Horriffs has proved to be very popular with both sexes as it involves acting the part of lumbering monsters whose fearsome appearance combined with their awkward antics invariably invokes a strong audience response. The paramilitary characteristics of the Heavies who guard the dictator Odium appeal particularly to boys.

In each of the groups there is ample opportunity for the development of cameo roles. The lead roles are principally designed for girls. Several (eg Sandy and Astro) involve acting and singing. Others, although having no solo numbers, do provide the opportunity for singing in choral parts if desired. Two lead roles are provided for boys - Odium (the dictator) who has one solo, and Cosmo (the Zodark leader).

Starblaze is a bright musical with catchy melodies that can be performed with a simple guitar/piano accompaniment or full instrumentation, and will definitely leave the audience humming on the way home. It is suitable for performance by students (aged 10+) or theatre groups seeking a production that is ideal for family audiences.


Principals (4m, 3f, 1m/f)
  Captain Sanderson - female space pirate leader
  Odium - galactic dictator
  Sandy Sanderson - teenage daughter of Captain Sanderson
  Dr Sneech - traitor with a brilliant mind
  Cosmo - leader of the Zodarks
  Astro - daughter of Cosmo
  Colosso - leader of the Horriffs
  Space Sergeant - (m/f)
Support (13m/f)
  Pirates 1-6
  Voice (Control Room)
  1st Horriff
  Zodarks 1-3
  Captain of the Guard
  Choruses - Space Pirates
  - Heavies
  - Horriffs
  - Zodarks


  1) Space Overture : Instrumental
  2) Storm Warning : Pirates
  3) Rocket And A Roll It : Pirates
  4) The Highly Intelligent Dr Sneech : Dr Sneech
  5) Walk The Plank : Pirates (with solo’s)
  6) Coming Down : Captain Sanderson & Pirates
  7) Dark And Strange : Captain Sanderson & Pirates
  8) I Am Lost : Sandy
  9) Golden Dreams : Astro & Sandy
10) Creatures : Astro & Sandy
11) The Horrifs Dance : Instrumental
12) Misunderstood Monsters : Horrifs
13) Act Now : Sandy
14) Ask The Stars : Zodarks
15) Fanfare & Odium’s March : Instrumental
16) In My Power : Odium & Chorus
17) Starblaze : Company

Please Note : This musical is not available from us to customers in New Zealand.
Sales and Licensing arrangements here are handled by Star Musicals

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