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The Razzle Dazzle Man

by Tony Layton, Roger Hart & John Bilsborough


Youth Musical Theatre: 'The Razzle Dazzle Man' by Layton, Hart & Bilsborough' by David Hodges'The Razzle Dazzle Man' is a rock 'n roll musical with dance. It tells the tale of Adam who is bored with the routine of working with his family on a farm. He decides to leave (upsetting his family and Beth, his sensible, but besotted girlfriend) to seek his fame and fortune in the big city.Not having thought the plan through very well, he has no money and quickly falls prey to the evil designs of Lew Cypher and his cohorts, the Sinners (of which there are seven).

Adam responds eagerly to their get-rich-quick philosophy always, of course, at the expense of others, and despite his initial misgivings, he descends into a life of crime and cruelty. Lew and the Sinners feed him drugs and force him to rob people in a games arcade. In a moment of normality, Adam helps a destitute bag-lady by giving her his ill-gotten gains so she can sleep inside, and gets into trouble with Lew for his this 'stupidity'.

In order to ensure that Adam makes good his loss from giving away the money, the Sinners persuade him to take part in an armed robbery on a Security Van. During this, a security guard is shot by Adam which brings him to his senses at last.

Meanwhile, Beth has travelled to the city to look for Adam and meets the bag-lady who says that she has seen Adam and that he is close by. Adam is running from the Police and meets Beth briefly. She promises to wait for him.

Three years pass and a party is being thrown for Adam on his release from prison by his parents on the farm. His brothers are very dismissive of this 'prodigal son' festivity, but they are re-assured by their mother that parental love would apply equally to them if they were in a similar situation. The celebrations continue, but the brothers are still sullenly unconvinced and complain to each other about their unfair treatment and lack of material possessions.

Lew has been observing the situation and sends his messengers to quickly 'sign up' the three brothers. The show closes with his words "Not a bad exchange. Three for one. I think they look more … malleable … ripe for a little corruption. Then, who isn't these days? Mmm?" before reprising his big opening number - "Razzle Dazzle Man"

The story is based loosely on Faust's Mephistopholes coupled with the parable of The Prodigal Son, but is written in a modern style to interest (and hopefully educate) today's students. With its complement of rock 'n roll songs, love songs and superb dance possibilities, "The Razzle Dazzle Man" is an excellent choice for an end-of-term extravaganza.


Male Principals Female Principals
  Adam   Beth
  Lew Cypher   Lust (doubling with Marigold)
Male Support Female Support
  Ambition   Bag Lady (doubling with Mrs Evans)
  Anger   Girls in Disco (x4)
  Clay (doubling with Rocco)   Jasmine (doubling with Pride)
  Farmer Evans (doubling with Punter)   Marigold
  Greed (doubling with Judd)   Mrs Evans
  Judd   Pride
  Punter In Arcade   Sloth
  Rocco   Wickedness
  Seth (doubling with Spider)  


  1) The Razzle Dazzle Man Lew & Chorus
  2) I'm Bored Adam, Jasmine & Marigold
  3) Down On The Farm / Barn Dance Chorus & Dancers
  4) Leaving Home / Moments Like This Adam & Chorus / Beth
  5) Down Town City Chorus
  6) Fast Food Freak Out Adam & Diners
  7) Rush Hour Dancers
  8) The Seven Deadly Sinners Sinners & Adam
  9) Letter Home Adam, Beth & Chorus
10) Finale, Act One Adam, Beth & Sinners
11) Snake Shake Chorus & Dancers
12) Dance Of Dreams Dancers (with Lust, Adam, Lew, Rocco, Spider, 4xGirls & Sinners)
13) Dance Of The Arcade Dancers (with Adam)
14) Red, White and Blue Lust
15) This Must Be A Dream Adam
16) Have You Seen This Boy Beth, Sinners & Bag Lady
17) Celebration Adam, Beth, Brothers, Farmer Evans & Chorus
18) Razzle Dazzle Man (Reprise) Lew & Company

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