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Valley Of The Voodons

by John Reynolds and Shade Smith

Please Note : This musical is not available from us to customers in New Zealand.
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Musical Theatre: 'Valley Of The Voodons' by John Reynolds & Shade Smith

Valley Of The Voodons is a contemporary rock musical designed for today’s school students (or theatrical groups wanting to stage an up tempo family show. It is a fantasy set in the future, consequently costuming and scenery can be designed in a variety of styles on a simple or elaborate scale depending on available resources. Similarly, although it can be staged with a relatively small cast, it is possible to considerably expand the cast numbers.

Set on a distant planet, the people of Zandrus are plagued by periodic attacks from the evil Voodons who live in a forbidding jungle area within a valley outside the city. Queen Fara has found the whole situation too stressful and is retiring in favour of her daughter Princess Kimnos, to the fury of her son Prince Dronos - a lazy fellow who prefers to surf with his friends. As the Zandrusites are putting the final touches to the coronation celebrations, the Voodons attack the city and capture Princess Kimnos and Prince Dronos. Two buskers then arrive shortly afterwards and offer to rescue the royal pair from the Voodons lair.

Meanwhile, in Voodon Valley, the creatures, in cohorts with a land despoiler Baron Wastes, are contructing a machine that will manufacture magdonite - a deadly substance that can be used in the tip of intergalactic warheads. The buskers manage to gain entrance into the Princess's prison and after a series of table turning incidents, turn the machine against Baron Wastes and the Voodon leader Stark. Peace and harmony is then established on Planet Zodark.

The Zandrusites provide the opportunity for both male and female characters with a wide scope for singing and dancing. The role of the Surfies is designed to appeal principally to young males. Their mild chauvinism coupled with their colourful costumes and surfing songs ensure that they make a considerable impact. The Voodons provide considerable scope for those many students who enjoy being evil on stage. Their uncompromising nastiness invariably provokes a strong audience response. The Zombos, although primarily passive creatures can, with their shuffling gait and chorused responses, provide plenty of humour. And, in the end, sweet revenge is theirs. In each of these groups there is ample opportunity for the development of cameo roles.

The lead roles provide a variety of contrasting characters. Reflecting an increasing tendency for male students to participate in rock musicals, several key parts have been written for males (with appropriate songs).

Valley Of The Voodons incorporates simple technology including a computer and a machine called ‘The Destructor’. These can be designed on a simple scale but, where schools or theatre groups have greater expertise and resources, there is a considerable scope for more elaborate presentations.

The musical has a conservationist theme with some great musical numbers, one of which, the finale ‘Light a Candle’ is very popular with school choirs at music festivals. Like Starblaze, the show is suitable for performance by students (aged 10+) or theatre groups seeking a production that is ideal for family audiences.


  • Queen Fara 
  • Count Gratto 
  • Prince Dronos 
  • Corpos 
  • Princess Kimnos 
  • Stella 
  • Astrid 
  • Stark 
  • Baron Wastes 
  • Zandrusites 1-3 - (m/f)
  • Surfie 1-3 - (m/f)
  • Attendants 1-3 - (m/f)
  • Computer Voice - (m/f)
  • Voodon 1-3 - (m/f)
  • Guard 1-2 - (m/f)
  • Zombo 1-3 - (m/f)
  • Surfies - (m/f)
  • Entertainers - (m/f)
  • Destructor Operators - (m/f)
Choruses - Zandrusites
  - Attendants
  - Voodons
  - Zombos


  1) Prelude Instrumental
  2) A Coronation Zandrusites
  3) Come on Down Surfies & Zandrusites
  4) To Be a Princess Princess Kimnos & Zandrusites
  5) Message of the Music Stellar & Astrid
  6) Cosmic Rock Stellar & Astrid
  7) Message of the Music (Reprise) Chorus
  8) Valley of the Voodons Stark & Voodons
  9) Zombo Chorus Zombos
10) Where The Fat Cats Feed Baron Wastes, Stark & Voodons
11) Secret Places Princess Kimnos
~~ Interval ~~  
12) No Escape Baron Wastes, Stark & Zombos
13) Early Morning Princess Kimnos
14) What About the Fishes? Baron, Stellar, Astrid & Princess Kimnos
15) In the Summertime Surfies
16) Light a Candle Company

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Please Note : This musical is not available from us to customers in New Zealand.
Sales and Licensing arrangements here are handled by Star Musicals

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