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Love Is A Four Letter Word

    by Janet Shaw

"Dave lusts after Jackie.
Jackie yearns for romance.
Jackie's mother yearns for perfection.
Dave's mates lend a helping hand
(or they interfere - depending on your viewpoint).
Dave is suddenly thrust into the world of marriage, monogomy and mothers-in-law.
Join Maddie at the 'Cock Inn' and let her transport you back to 1988 with booze, sex and laughter in abundance."

(Words describing the basic plot, taken from the poster for the first production of this earthy black comedy).


Black Comedy Play Script: 'Love Is A Four Letter Word' by Janet ShawThe play stares the serious and sensitive subjects of marriage, relationships and responsibility firmly in the face, and doesn't blink or take a step backwards.

Based loosely on the break-up of the writers own marriage, it graphically tells the tale of womanising Dave Marshall and his relationship with the virginal Jackie Simpson. With more than a little help from his friends, Dave manages to pull Jackie, to be followed in quick succession by marriage and a baby.

Dave strays with his boss (Linda), misses the birth of his first child whilst playing darts at the pub, and very quickly their marriage is headed for the rocks. He thinks and acts one way, Jackie expects and wants something quite different.

'Love Is A Four Letter Word' is written from a woman's point of view. It is at times subtle, is mostly 'in your face', but at all times it's very funny.


(5m, 5f + support)

Maddie - a pub barmaid.
Dave - mid 20's, a mans' man, has little understanding of women
Jackie - early 20's, Dave's girlfriend, then wife
Carol - early 20's, Jackie's friend
Jean - 45-55, Jackie's mother
Arthur - 50-60, Jackie's father
Alan - mid-20's, Dave's friend, always up for a laugh
Stuart - mid-20's, Dave's friend, also always up for a laugh
Geoff - mid-20's, Dave's friend, more serious and thoughtful
Linda - mid 30's, Dave's assertive boss, attractive (and she knows it)
Girl Dancer - non-speaking, 'strippergram'-type
Girl 1 - non-speaking, Alan's girlfriend
Girl 2 - non-speaking, Stuart's girlfriend
A Man - an effeminate male

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