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Deep Secret

    by Colin Barrow


Comedic Drama Play Script: 'Deep Secret' by Colin Barrow

A play, that gives light humour and drama by telling the story of Brenda Drummond during her final nine months of life.  Humour is delivered in many forms as well as drama with deep emotion. This is a play in which some of the performers can really get underneath the skin of the characters.

Brenda, would be the biggest acting challenge, but rewarding. She begins the play in reasonable health, which deteriorates during its length to her death. She’s supported by friends, who see her through her final stages of life. By the end of act one Brenda has collapsed with a slight stroke. Seeing her in act two living her last days in a nursing home. 

A very simple play to stage, with the added attraction of Act one, a sitting room set, and Act two, a nursing home bedroom set. (Both using the same stage set up but with different dressing and furnishing) This gives the audience a surprise and different dimension.

The title 'Deep Secret', suggests many thoughts. And so, there are red herrings filtered into the script, confusing the viewer as to what actually is, the 'Deep Secret' or secrets? 


(2m, 5f, 1m/f)

  • Brenda Drummond - 87 (f)                                 
  • Janet Simmons - 60+, a friend of Brenda (f)
  • James - 40s, a very close friend of Brenda (m)
  • Sarah - any age over 30, domestic cleaner (f)
  • Marion - 60+, an acquaintance (f)
  • Nurse - any age (m/f)                                                      
  • Brian - late 40’s/middle 50s, a friend of Brenda (m)
  • Julia - late 40s/middle 50s, Brian's wife and friend of Brenda (f)


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