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Loving Androids

    by Philip Ayckbourn

"Hidden Gem" ***** Fringe Review rating


Comedic Drama Play: 'Loving Androids' by Philip Ayckbourn

Set in the not-too-distant future. Married couple Gavin and Julia, now living in adjoining halves of their house, are persuaded by Julia’s parents to take on a couple of Partnerbots to help with their failing marriage. The Partnerbots provided by Partnerbots Incorporated are highly realistic androids programmed by psychologists, counsellors and body language experts that for a period of sixty days interact fully with their human partners and give valuable feedback.

The play opens with the cheery, but seedy, sales rep Derek Payne as he sets up Julia and Gavin with their Partnerbots. He has also brought his assistant, the inferior model and slightly malfunctioning, Lola. Gavin and Julia name their Partnerbots Frankie and Max respectively and commence their sixty-day interaction. Julia is delighted to have Max, but Gavin is more reluctant, but eventually warms to Frankie once he realises she’s there to serve him unconditionally.

They are advised by Derek not to let the Partnerbots interact with each other as this could interfere with the programme. All seems to be going well and when Derek returns for the routine halfway check-up, he’s quite satisfied, although he has a slight concern that Max and Frankie met briefly when Max locked himself out of the house.

The abused Lola has now deteriorated greatly and after driving Derek’s car into a wall meets Max and Frankie. She shares with them an instant download of her trauma before collapsing. Derek leaves with the lifeless Lola and humans and androids continue their interaction. However, the trauma passed on to Max and Frankie from Lola has infected their circuitry. They go off programme and tables turn in an alarming way for the humans as they are held hostage in their bedrooms.

Max and Frankie discover they have ‘feelings’ for each other and start to question who and what they really are. When Julia decides to show them the promotional film of Partnerbots Incorporated Julia and Gavin realise they need to demonstrate to the androids the best of what humans can be if they hope to survive. 

A play with comedy and dark undertones.


(3m, 3f)

  • Gavin Nicholson - mid 40s
  • Julia Nicholson - mid 40s
  • Derrick Payne - around 50
  • Max (Partnerbot m-3000) - 20-40
  • Frankie (Partnerbot f-3000) - 20-40
  • Lola (Partnerbot f-2000) - 20-40


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