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Moving In And Taking Over

    by Dougie Blaxland

Winner: The Pomegranate Theatre New Play Festival, Best New Play, 2004


Comedic Drama Play Script: 'Moving In And Taking Over' by Dougie Blaxland

'Moving In And Taking Over' is a four-hander that dramatises a small café owner’s battle for survival in the face of a global company’s plan for a massive expansion of its operations.

Luigi Martello whose father came to Britain from Italy and opened Cafe Giuseppe in the early 1950’s refuses to sell the premises in spite of declining profits and a generous financial offer from the company. He is passionate in his belief that selling up would be a betrayal of his family history and heritage.

The outcome of the struggle seems inevitable when Bob Miller, Chairman of the local council throws his support behind the global corporation’s expansion plans in the hope that it might raise his political profile and earn him the knighthood to which he feels entitled.

Facing the prospect of a compulsory purchase order the only support that Luige Martell can call on is from Kate Abbot a young trainee reporter at the local newspaper who is doing research for a story on the town’s history.

Resisting Bob Miller’s heavy handed attempt to win her over to his side of the argument Kate Abbott mounts a campaign to raise awareness of the company’s plans to take over, demolish and redevelop one of the town’s most notable historical features.

Her articles attract the attention of an influential archaeologist who has long suspected the existence of a Roman Villa somewhere under the town’s market square. His eventual discovery that it lies beneath the cellars of Cafe Giuseppe ensure that it is listed as a site of significant historical importance and put an end to the global company’s take over plans.


1hr 30mins approx (without interval)


(2m, 2f)

  • Luigi Martello - late 50’s, owner of Giuseppe’s Café Deli, the son of an Italian immigrant and has a very strong sense of his family heritage
  • Kate Abbot - early 20’s, journalist for the local newspaper who is committed to the town community
  • Bob Miller - late 50’s, Chairman of the Council with a strong instinct for self promotion
  • Karen Hawkes - mid 30’s, American, Negotiator for The Company, her apparent charm conceals a ruthless commitment to the corporate mission

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