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Murder Becomes Easy

    by Colin Barrow


Comedic Drama Play Script: 'Murder Becomes Easy' by Colin Barrow

A comedy (act two being more farce) murder-mystery play which has good humour interwoven with red herrings to lead on and intrigue the audience before finally concluding with some unexpected twists. Act one gives the audience the reasonable expectations of a play of this type. Act two delivers more comedy, farce and several unexpected sudden frights making the audience react with the cast in fright.

The play is set in the home of Katie Denver at Sweetbriar House. Katie has a scheme to get her hands on as much money as possible from her remaining three relatives. Once having some light refreshments Mary, a friend of Katie, suddenly dies. This is followed by the unexpected death of Katie. After which, unexplained spooky, ghostly and frightening happenings begin. As the remaining family are killed off one by one, who will be left to inherit? 


(4m, 3f, 1m/f)

  • Mary Slocombe - a friend and domestic helper of Katie (f)
  • Katie Denver (f)
  • Adele Pincombe - a cousin to Katie, and Peter, sister to Simon (f)
  • Peter Denver - a cousin to Katie, Adele, and Simon (m)
  • Simon Pincombe - a cousin to Katie, and Peter, brother to Adele (m)
  • Tarquin - partner to Simon (m)
  • Doctor Randle (m/f)
  • David Potter - funeral director (m)


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