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No Smoke Without Fire!

    by Colin Barrow


Comedic Drama Play Script: 'No Smoke Without Fire!' by Colin Barrow

A comedy drama set in the flat/apartment of Tony and Julia. Their daughter, Diane, becomes involved with Martin, who wants her for his own pleasures. Once in his clutches, the more she wants to end it all and never meet him again, the more pressure of demands he delivers. This gives Diane no choice but to play along with his desires.

The family suddenly becomes aware of the problem after Diane has talked to her brother, Eric. After he alerted all, Hilary (Julia’s mother and Diane’s grandmother), takes charge. Hilary set up a trap which brings unexpected humour to the whimpering Martin who has a taste of his own medicine.



(4m, 3f)

  • Tony - Julia’s husband, father of Diane and Eric (m)
  • Julia - Tony’s wife, mother of Diane and Eric (f)
  • Diane - daughter of Tony and Julia, quite distraught and emotional (f)
  • Eric - son of Tony and Julia (m)
  • Hilary - John’s wife, mother of Julia, no nonsense person, harsh, retired (f)
  • John - Hilary’s husband, father of Julia, mild down-trodden husband, retired (m)
  • Martin - owner of the printing business, very sure of himself, trendy (m)


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