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Stuck! In The Back Of Beyond

    by Colin Barrow


Comedic Drama Play Script: 'Stuck! In The Back Of Beyond' by Colin Barrow

A full length mystery comedy in two acts. The action of the play takes place in the sitting room of a deserted house that has been unoccupied for some time and it is up for sale.

On a cold snowy February day, John Beswick, is a taxi driver for four passengers who have just disembarked from the cruise liner, The Pierre Belmonde. On the journey to the first passengers' destination, they have been forced to take a diversion due to a sudden heavy snow fall. The road becomes impassable and they are forced to take shelter in an unoccupied semi derelict house. This is added to in act one when two other stranded ladies knock on the door asking for shelter.

It becomes apparent that some have had what seems to be a shady criminal past. Tensions and accusations begin to emerge but the real crux of the story doesn’t emerge until the closing of act one via the radio news. The suspicions are heightened when they hear from the news broadcast that Lady Morricone, one of the last to disembark the ship has discovered that the famous Morricone diamonds have been stolen.

With twists and turns, red herrings galore and all present having suspicion directed at them, this comedy delivers the audience good entertainment throughout. The close of the play reveals many surprises and a plot that has come to fruition set by the police.

But who are these people and is the jewel thief or thieves among them?


(2m, 5f)

  • John - taxi driver (m)
  • Clare - a passenger (f)
  • Jane - a passenger (f)
  • Tony - a passenger (m)
  • Sonia - a passenger (f)
  • Beth - a lady seeking shelter (f)
  • Sandy - a lady seeking shelter (f)


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