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The Invisible Man

    by H G Wells, adapted by Derek Webb


Comedy Drama Play Script: 'The Invisible Man' by Derek Webb

The thought of invisibility – and the advantages it could bring to someone – is one which has captured the imagination of millions since the classic HG Wells’ story was first published in 1897. 'The Invisible Man' has been adapted many times for the screen, but rarely for the stage. This brand new, fast-moving, very funny adaptation has all parts from a vicar, to a pub landlady to a tramp and to the Invisible Man himself - fifteen characters in total - played by just three actors, and that, in itself, is the source of a great deal of fun.

It is obvious that they are aware of their quick-changing roles – and the audience is let in on the joke too – which gives rise to some very funny moments. The thought of invisibility also gives rise to plenty of visual gags with characters – and audience – being invited to imagine objects that patently aren’t visible.

But, while injecting a great deal of humour, the adaptation keeps broadly with the plot of the original book and retains some key points that Wells makes; the novel highlights some of the economic and political problems that preoccupied him throughout his career. And many are still relevant and resonate today. For example, the Invisible Man uses his invisibility to steal money from banks – from the ‘faceless’ bankers who themselves move money invisibly. In our age of offshore banking and all sorts of money-laundering schemes, we hardly need to be reminded that the circulation of money can be mysterious even without a literally invisible man behind it. 

All in all, 'The Invisible Man' is. as they say, ‘A must-see’.



  • Actor 1 - Griffin, PC Jaffers, PC Fyffes, Colonel Adye, Bystander
  • Actor 2 - Mrs Hall, Reverend Bunting, Kemp, Mariner, Paper Boy
  • Actor 3 - Porter, Fearenside, Dr Cuss, Marvel, Shuckleforth

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