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Looking For Love

    by Raymond Hopkins

Please Note : We manage the global rights to this play with the exception of Australia and New Zealand.
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Comedy Play Script: 'Looking For Love' by Raymond Hopkins

After twenty-one years of marriage, James Beale walks out on his wife, Molly. She is devastated, and after four months of being alone has reached rock bottom. Fiona, her best friend, tells her about a book called, ‘The Marital Merry-go-round’ which was specifically written for abandoned wives. It lists six radical challenges that the wife must complete, after which she will be guaranteed to get her life back on track. Molly has nothing to lose and agrees to work her way through the six tasks ahead.

Her first objective is to visit a Health Spa; on returning home she is a transformed woman who now looks radiant and beautiful. The next objective is, for a period of two days, to speak the truth and tell people exactly what she is thinking. If only we could all do that, how much simpler life would be! Next is a three day drinking spree, the only problem being, Molly signed the pledge at the age of sixteen. She also has a Church Council meeting at her house on the night she is blotto! The next challenge is to give a passionate kiss to the first man who walks through her door - this happens to be the Vicar! The last two challenges are slightly more risqué, however, Molly manages to successfully complete them.

Has ‘The Marital Merry-go-round’ book lived up to its expectations? It certainly has!  Not only does her husband want to come back, but she has two other suitors vying for her affection. The twists and turns, the intrigues, and the misunderstandings on her road to recovery all add up to an hilarious evening’s entertainment in this farcical comedy.   

Written in 2012. This play has been performed around the world.


(4m, 5f)

  • Molly Beale - 45, lacks confidence and finds life hard going since her husband left her, in scene one looks dowdy, from scene two onwards looks very attractive, by the end of the play she is transformed and has become a new woman!
  • Fiona Broadbent - 44, Molly’s lifelong friend, does not take life too seriously, lots of energy, dresses in quirky clothes, has had lots of men friends, full of charisma
  • Claire Pearson - 21, James and Molly’s daughter, immaculate dress sense, married with one child, feels torn between her parents since the breakdown of their marriage
  • Nancy Groves - 68, neighbour, widow, busybody, besotted with her dog, in Act one is shabbily dressed & poorly groomed with body odour, slight improvement in Act Two
  • Lyn Harris - 35+, match age to Rev. David Thomas, friend from church, plain in appearance, conservatively dressed, single, has high moral principles, besotted with the Rev. David Thomas
  • David Beale - 49, Molly’s husband, good-looking and smart in appearance, well-educated, good social skills, comes across as a very likeable person, romantic at heart, midlife crisis
  • Paul Tritton - 72, friend from church, not much dress sense, slightly overweight, lives alone since his wife died, does not always think before he speaks
  • The Rev. David Thomas - 40, match age to Lyn Harris, local Vicar,  not married, smart appearance, well-educated, very saintly Christian, dedicated his life to the church, shy and naive when it comes to females, his romantic passions have never been switched on, recently moved into the parish
  • Steve Miles - 31, masseur at the Sunrise Health Spa, smart, good-looking, oozing with virility, well-built, super fit, girls love him

Please Note : We manage the global rights to this play with the exception of Australia and New Zealand.
Customers in these two countries please go to David Spicer Productions

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