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Love And Mistletoe

    by Raymond Hopkins

Please Note : We manage the global rights to this play with the exception of Australia and New Zealand.
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Comedy Play Script: 'Love And Mistletoe' by Raymond Hopkins

It is Christmas Eve. Sue and Tom Millard are putting up the decorations ready for the festive season. However, all is not as it may seem in this idyllic setting. After twenty-five years of marriage, the couple are going through a bad patch. Sue’s life has become dominated by her catering company, ‘Sue’s Country Kitchen’. Tom feels he has lost the girl he married and although pleased for Sue, he is resentful of the fact he has taken second place to Sue’s business.

Sue’s widowed father, Brian, has been invited to spend Christmas with them, but unbeknown to Brian, Sue has also invited three elderly, wealthy ladies round, with the intention of securing her dad’s financial future by finding him a partner.

To add to the mayhem, Julie, one of Sue’s old school friends unexpectedly arrives with a suitcase, asking if she can stay for a couple of days after the breakdown of her marriage. Tom welcomes Julie in and is instantly attracted to her.

The Christmas celebrations are well underway, and the three elderly guests are all enjoying the company of Brian. Tom is also enjoying the company of Julie, much to the annoyance of Sue.

However, there is always a twist in the story! Julie remembers that when her own dad left, Brian was always there for her, and although a considerable age gap exists between them, Julie is drawn to Brian. All it takes is a few glasses of wine, a Christmas record playing quietly in the background and the chemistry takes over! 

Can Sue and Tom save their marriage? It will take a secret that Sue has been harbouring for some time to rescue the situation in this hilarious, farcical comedy.

Written in 2013, this play has enjoyed outstanding success.


(2m, 6f)

  • Sue Millard - 46, married to Tom for 25 years, fairly plain in appearance, perfect diction, well-groomed, immaculately dressed, control freak, treats Tom with contempt, runs own catering business, has become a materialistic snob, workaholic
  • Tom Millard - 48, Sue’s husband, slightly overweight, bit scruffy, very likeable person, lets the world go by, has been henpecked by Sue over the past few years, lacks love and affection from Sue, feels his marriage is falling apart, not academically competent
  • Brian Draper - 67, Sue’s father, very good looking, smart in appearance, well spoken, kind and thoughtful, lives alone since the death of his wife three years ago, lives for today
  • Felicia Millard - 23, Sue & Tom’s only child, fairly plain in appearance, makes the best of herself, lives with her boyfriend, has been dominated by her mum, now does her own thing, academically very bright
  • Mavis Louch - 62, Sue’s friend, very good looking for her age, slim, well turned out, quirky, flamboyant, has a very high sex drive, lives alone since the death of her husband a year ago, has been desperately searching for the right man ever since, free spirit with a zest for life, acts twenty years younger than her age
  • Mabel Taylor - 66, Sue’s friend, slightly overweight, elegant and smart in appearance, financially well off, widow, was married to the Chief Constable who she despised, now looking for some fun in her life
  • Martha Woodward - 72, Sue’s friend, very wealthy, smart in appearance, spinster, lesbian, always on the lookout for a partner, keen ornithologist
  • Julie Wilkins - 49, Sue’s school friend, slim, very attractive, very smart in appearance, well educated, has recently separated from her husband, no children, has become an emotional wreck, looking for love and affection, very tactile

Please Note : We manage the global rights to this play with the exception of Australia and New Zealand.
Customers in these two countries please go to David Spicer Productions

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