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Love And Perfect Harmony

    by Raymond Hopkins

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Comedy Play Script: 'Love And Perfect Harmony' by Raymond Hopkins

Timothy Ledbury, Choir Master of a small choral society, is taking a rehearsal in the back room of the Corn Exchange. Edith Codsmore, who is tone deaf, has always taken the lead role in the choir, mainly because she is the Mayor’s wife and has a dominant personality.

The choir have been chosen to take part in an International Singing competition and Edith naturally assumes, as usual, she will take the role of the lead soloist. However, Carrie Richens, who has just moved into the area, joins the choir. She has an outstanding voice and is selected by a member’s vote to take the solo role.  Edith throws a wobbly and storms out.

After much grovelling, Edith is persuaded to re-join the choir and just as it seems that everything is back on track, Odette Newbold, another choir member who is pregnant, almost gives birth during a rehearsal! To add to the mayhem, unbeknown to Edith, her daughter Jenny, is only attending the choir so that she can secretly meet her boyfriend, Hugh Jones. This is a ticking time bomb as Hugh is certainly not in the social class that Edith would welcome into her home.       

By now, Timothy has fallen deeply in love with Carrie and all seems to be on track for romantic bliss and success in the international competition, but life is never that straightforward.

The intrigues, quarrels and surprising twists in the storyline all add up to a most entertaining evening.

Hardly any scenery or furniture is required which makes for ease in staging this highly amusing comedy.

Written in 2006, this play has enjoyed outstanding success. It includes four original songs with a full music score.


(4m, 5f)

  • Timothy Ledbury - 33, choir master, very shy, unassuming, romantic at heart, well-groomed but without much dress sense, very talented musician, not a socializer, lacks confidence in female company, lives alone
  • Edith Codsmore - 52, choir member, self-centred, obnoxious snob, not the world’s most likeable person, overweight, immaculately turned out in expensive clothes, puts on a posh voice which disappears when she gets angry, the Mayor’s wife
  • Odette Newbold - 32, choir member, well-groomed, very attractive, assumes she is six but is actually seven months pregnant, a bit gullible, happy-go-lucky, kind, living with a partner
  • Cyril Flatman - 42, choir member, Jack the lad, not too worried about personal appearance, has lots of interests and even more mates, Jack of all trades, master of none, married ten years but does his own thing, larger than life personality
  • Beryl Corby - 53, choir member, from a poor background. A quiet, unassuming person. Always been hard-working and honest. She cannot afford expensive clothes but looks well turned out. Her husband does not enjoy good health.
  • Jenny Codsmore - 21, Edith’s daughter, choir member, smart, petite, been overpowered by her mum and therefore lacks self-confidence, wants to start living her own life and have independence, has none of her mother’s traits, deeply in love with Hugh
  • Hugh Jones - 24, Gavin’s son, choir member, good looking, muscular physique, has lots of mates, what he lacks in academic skills, he makes up for in practical ability, kind-hearted nature, deeply in love with Jenny
  • Gavin Jones - 59, choir member, since the death of his wife he has not worried about personal appearance, has also turned to drink, does not like Edith, thinks the world of his son
  • Carrie Richens - 29, very attractive, intelligent, well spoken, has a kind, affectionate nature, has an outstanding voice, lives alone after the break-up of a long-term relationship, money is tight.

Please Note : We manage the global rights to this play with the exception of Australia and New Zealand.
Customers in these two countries please go to David Spicer Productions

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